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Skier Loses Ring in the Vermont Mountains….Found!

  • from Barre (Vermont, United States)

Got a distress email from a guy who had been out back country skiing and lost his wedding band in the snow. He had already gone to the Harbor Freight store, bought a metal detector and tried searching with it. Unfortunately, most of what they sell there is a waste of money and so was the detector.

It was already late afternoon, with just a couple hours of daylight left, and the location was over an hour away. So I beat feet, threw my equipment in the car, packed lights and warm clothes preparing for a long search if necessary, and braved the potholes and frost heaves driving as fast as possible!

He and his wife met me and we started hiking up the trail. It was a beautiful evening out and I found the ring right off when we got to the area he had stopped and taken his gloves off. We had a nice visit on the way out. Their dog will sleep good tonight!

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