Platinum Wedding Ring Lost at Huntington Beach House .. Found in the Sand

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***  Kieth called me as I was driving home from another ring recovery. He had been at Huntington Beach on a bicycle ride. He stopped at the Huntington Beach House restaurant to have a little beverage and enjoy the music. 

When he returned to his E-Bike he reached into his pocket to pull his keys out. Right away he realized his platinum wedding ring was in the same pocket. His ring fell into the dry sand. His attempts to find it were unsuccessful. 

Kieth returned home google searching for information about metal detectors. He found my contact information and called right away. He gave me verbal directions as to where he dropped the ring. I got to the location 10 minutes before he got there. As I was walking down the pedestrian /bicycle path two guys saw me with a metal detector. They told me that a guy had lost a wedding ring over by the bike rack. 

I already had the location of the loss. It was another quick recovery. Kieth showed up just after I found the ring. He was proud that he found my service. He and his wife were very appreciative to have the ring where it has been for many years.

If You need help finding a ring or othe jewelry call me ASAP … Especially if lost in a public area.
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