First Ring With My New Metal Detector

  • de Huntington (West Virginia, United States)

The most important tool ring finders have is our metal detectors. A treasure hunter without a metal detector is like an angler without a fishing rod. Metal detectors come in many shapes and sizes, for many different uses. Personally I like to use American made detectors. I have been a metal detectorist for over twenty years now, and a diehard fan of White’s metal detectors. I currently own five White’s detectors and have owned several others in the passed. For several years now I have been waiting for White’s Electronics to make a rugged light weight all terrain metal detector that would rival the Garrett AT Pro. This summer the answer to the AT Pro came in the form of the White’s MX Sport, witch surpasses all of my expectations, and leaves the Garrett in its dust. It dose everything the AT Pro can do, and more. Plus, it does it better, and it has a easy to learn user interface that makes the machine friendly enough for beginners. I wrote this review to share my first major find with the MX Sport. After only having the new detector out of the box for less than an hour I found a 14 karat gold ring at the local park. I know this isn’t the norm and one doesn’t find rings ever time they go out, but after having the machine for a couple of months now, and logging several hundred hours with it, I am still very satisfied with it, and would recommend this detector to experienced detectoris as well as anyone looking to get into the hobby for the first time.image

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