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Cost For My Service

For most general recoveries I offer my services on a reward basis. For recoveries that are technically difficult or require special equipment please call me to negotiate a price. I promise it will be fair because my crew and I are hobbiest and we really enjoy what we do.

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My group and I are able to search all types of terrain, and under water. We also specialize in cache hunting. Visit my other page for more details about what kinds of services we can provide.

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Huntington ,Ashland, Ironton Tri-State Area.

Johnny White's Bio

My name is Johnny White. I have been a hobby metal detectorist over 24 years. In that time I have had the privilege of helping a great many people find their lost items. I have found everything from lost jewelry to long lost coin stashes for people. I am proud to work with The Ring Finders, and help people find their lost valuables at little to no cost. I am a member of the Dig-It All Metal Detecting and Treasure hunting club in Ashland, KY. I use only the most high tech equipment available on the market, and my team and I have decides of expense and knowledge in all different aspects of treasure recovery. Anytime, that I have ever helped someone with treasure recovery, it has always been done with compleat confidentiality. The cost of many of my services is completely based on a reward fee; meaning that I need only get paid for what your recovery was worth to you. My team and I are also capable of doing a lot of specialty recoveries, that require special equipment. I am able to offer services like underwater recovery at a very minimal fee, because my team and I are first and foremost, hobbiest, and we love what we do.

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