Lost 14K White Gold Wedding Band... Found in Woodbury, PA!

  • from Altoona (Pennsylvania, United States)

Alex called me and said he lost his wedding ring in his yard and asked if I could come out to try to find it. He had been working outside with his parents and been taking his gloves off and putting them on again, and it wasn’t until he got inside his house that he noticed he didn’t have his ring on his finger. I thought to myself that since he knows he lost it in his yard it shouldn’t be too hard to find, however, when I arrived at his house, his yard was the size of a couple of football fields. Alex had a pretty good idea of where he was taking his gloves off and searched for a couple of days, even using one of the old metal detectors that someone in his family had. As with the old detectors, it was picking up everything making the search nearly impossible. When Julie and I got there I had my Minelab Equinox 800 and set the discrimination so I would only pick up metal on the surface. It took some time, but after grid searching for a little over an hour, I found the ring. Alex was such a delightful young man, even giving Julie and I some handwarmers for inside our gloves while we searched. It was a pleasure helping Alex and meeting his parents!

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