Large men's diamond ring recovered!

  • from Ham Lake (Minnesota, United States)

After returning from an evening fishing trip Chris donned a jacket as it was getting cold, while doing so his ring came off his finger landing in the water. A large multi-tiered dock was in place along with deep, sticky muck compounded the recovery effort

. The third four hour round trip recovery effort paid off! Chris now has ring on his finger where it belongs. In all my recoveries thus far this was the most difficult, but, perserverance endured! Thank you Chris for staying with me as we worked hard as a team recreating the scene, looking within the docks, and working together flushing the much out of my strainer.


2 Replies to “Large men’s diamond ring recovered!”

  1. Chris dit :

    Joe and Donna were absolutely wonderful to work with! They were professional and determined to find my ring. I’m so thankful for their efforts and appreciate them as people. I know we will be friends for years to come! Thanks from a grateful fisherman! 🙂

  2. Michael Meyer dit :

    Joe, you and your wife definitely worked to find that ring… It was so nice meeting you both, and I know we both thank you, more than words can say…
    If 1,000 stars was an option, I’d give every single one to you both!!
    Thanks again!!!
    And for those reading this, if you ever need a piece of jewelry found, you’d be shorting yourself, if you went with anyone else!!!

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