Joe Perry

  • Recherche de terres / eaux peu profondes
  • Plongeur / Recherche sous-marine

Cost For My Service

For land and shallow water I work on a reward basis, that means you pay what its worth to you and what you can afford if I find your lost item. If the item isn't found I do ask for $25.00 to cover my gas fee to get to your location.

For any service that requires my scuba diving skills to find your lost item I do request a fifty dollar Scuba suit up fee in waters over five feet and then on a gratuity basis when your item is found.

I will work with insurance claims on a percentage basis that will be negotiated prior to the search.

Rechercher un type

Beaches, parks, lakes & yards any where I can use my metal detector to help you find what you have lost...I'm also equipped to search deeper waters as I'm Scuba certified.

Rechercher un Emplacement

Northern suburbs possibly others locations if requested.

Joe Perry's Bio

Married 28 yrs, Father, two grown girls, College educated Certified medical professional passed several background checks, fourth degree Knight of Columbus Knight.

Joe Perry - Recent Blog Post

  • Lost engagement ring found in fluffy Minnesota snow! (2021)

    One more snow plow and this ring could have been lost forever! Ring was recovered past the curb edge which could have ended badly. Fortunately, the ring was recovered and back where it should be. I thank you for the opportunity, nothing like a cold Minnesota February day that ended warmly despite the 20 degree […]

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  • Lost wedding ring found! (2020)

    While swimming at his parent’s lake home a weed was found and thrown into deeper water, unfortunately, a wedding ring became entangled that went flying with the weed! The ring was lost close to a dock where the water dropped off quickly from three to seven feet Scuba equipment was used to successfully locate and retrieve […]

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  • Third generation family heirloom lossed and recovered in ten feet of water. (2019)

    This unfortunate event resulted in several nights of anguish as this young ladies ring lie in the bottom of the lake. To compound the agony her grandmother passed, fortunately the ring was found in ten feet of water in close proximity to where she said it was lost. The look on her face was worth […]

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  • Lost Ring Found! (2017)

    After several attempts, several detectorists,  a team of four of us found this ring and returned it to the rightful owner.

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  • 62 yr. old wedding ring found! (2017)

    This couple have been married for 62 yrs. while outside working on the deck in their flower garden she realized her ring was gone. After a short search the ring was found inside a flower pot, happily the ring is back on her finger as they prepare to celebrate their 63rd anniversary.   where it […]

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