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Found Ring Ottawa Soccer Field

Good afternoon everyone,


To start I received a message from Jon saying he had lost his customized wedding ring. To prevent from losing his ring he wrapped his ring in a clean cloth to clean glasses and put it in the case. Fast forward to the end of the soccer game. Retrieving his glasses and wiping them the ring fell in to the grass. Jon searched for his ring on hands and needs but to no avail. While looking through Kijiji Jon found my Ring Finders ad and sent me a message. Arriving on site I started to search but couldn’t go on for the mosquitoes were versions.  I asked Jon permission to return the next morning and he accepted it. This morning using orange cones I gridded the rest area for the players and started my grid work. One hour and half later on my White’s XLT bingo there was the ring. My only challenge was the hydroelectric lines running over the soccer field. A lot of interference. I want to thank Jon for trusting the Ring Finders metal detecting service.  If you lose your ring call a professional metal detectorist on the Ring Finders. Thank you Jon.