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Wedding ring lost in November found in Damascus, Oregon

  • from Oregon City (Oregon, United States)

On Friday evening, I found a voicemail from Ron saying he had lost his gold wedding ring in late November while putting up Christmas lights in his yard. After chatting on the phone, we set up to meet at his home the next morning.
I arrived and met Ron who told me what he had done that day.

He said he had used a ladder to put up Xmas lights in some trees in his yard. He had also pruned a few branches and dragged them to another location on his property. When he realized his ring was lost, he had raked and sorted through materials in the area he thought the ring might be, but hadn’t found it. He had also purchased a detector at Harbor Freight, but only found miscellaneous junk items.
As always, I brought a couple detector options, but started with the Equinox 700. As Ron had been asking about detector details, and what to look for when using it, I didn’t use the headphones, and turned the volume up. As I searched the area, I received a scratchy sound, and we discussed that. A bit later, there was a hit, and Ron said, “That sounds different “.
Using my pin-pointer, about 2” down in the loose soil was what we were looking for!
Another great adventure, meeting a great person.