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Heirloom past down from Grandpa FOUND on CottonWood Beach, Camas, OR.

  • from Vancouver (Washington, United States)

I was headed out last week to metal detect on my own for the morning when I received a call from a young man that had lost his ring on cottonwood beach the night before sitting by the fire.  He had been searching all day and had borrowed a construction locator/detector but couldn’t find anything.  I rerouted and met him out there.  We found it within 5 minutes, along with his pocket change that fallen out at the same time!

Lost Wedding Band Found Hood River, OR. Marina by Ring Finders Matt Davis

  • from Vancouver (Washington, United States)

Jason and his family were enjoying the day on the beach by the Hood River marina, when his ring slipped from his hand as he threw a ball to shore.  He was standing in the knee deep murky water of Hood River as it flows into the Columbia, so finding it proved very difficult.   I got a text a few days after this, and headed over early in the morning before the beach got crowded.  The river level was waist deep that day, but after an hour or so, I got a ping!  Great Recovery, glad his wife texted me!

Call or Text me asap if you have lost an item, the sooner the better the chance we can find it.

Matt Davis