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Man’s 14kt. Gold Wedding Band Found and Returned in Pawleys Island SC

  • from Myrtle Beach (South Carolina, United States)

I got a text message early Tuesday morning about a lost wedding band in Pawleys Island. I called Eric back and started asking about how the ring was lost. Eric explained that the afternoon before, he was racing to the stairs of the beach house that he and his wife Pilar were staying with some friends. He was running and clapping his hands when he felt the ring fly from his finger. Given the location of the loss being in Pawley Island and he lost it in the dry sand I was not too worried about the ring going anywhere. I asked Eric if I could meet him at the beach house after work that afternoon.

I met Eric on the beachside stairs to his vacation rental. We walked to the beach, and he explained the events of the previous day. I drew a box in the sand 15 yards by 25 yards with my sand scoop. I asked him, in my cockiness, « What do you think, 5 minutes or less? » I finished the grid and did not find his ring. Eric was looking on as we shared the same bewilderment. I expanded the grid toward the beach tent still standing on the beach. This would have been the starting point of his foot race. No luck. I moved back to the top of the grid toward the sand dunes. Again, no luck. Eric was just walking up the stairs to the house as I followed him into the small trail between the dunes and sea oats. Halfway up the trail I got a nice gold tone signal in the headphones. The screen on my CTX 30-30 had a reading of 12:28. I shouted to Eric as I knew before digging that I had his wedding band. I scooped a small bit of sand, waved the hole with the detector, and knew his ring was in the scoop. I plucked the treasure out and handed it to him as he got to the bottom of the stairs. Eric started laughing as he told me that he was no longer in « The Doghouse ». This wedding band gets to continue its story with Eric and Pilar. They have been married for 6 years.

Eric, Thank you for the generous reward. I wish you all the best.



Man’s Gold Wedding Band Found and Returned Litchfield Beach, SC.

  • from Myrtle Beach (South Carolina, United States)

I received a phone call from Brett Wednesday morning about his lost wedding band. He had lost his ring the afternoon before. I was on my way to a job site, so I told him I would meet him in a few hours. I asked him if he was in « the dog house ». « Maybe a little »!

Meeting up with Brett that afternoon, he explained his wedding band loss. He had taken his ring off to put on sun screen. He placed the gold band inside of the baby shade tent and had forgotten about it. At the end of the day they carried their belonging up to the beach house. As Brett was returning to the beach to retrieve the shade tent a gust of wind sent the tent tumbling down the beach. He caught up with the tent 40 yards away. This was when he remembered his wedding band. There were a couple families camped out inside the search area but a small space around the tent location was available to swing the coil. I was really hoping that the ring was in this 10 yard area. Right before I put my head phones on I asked Brett if he wanted to bet money on finding this ring in 10 minutes of less. « I like your confidence » was his reply. As I started the grid search Brett had gone over to the other people sitting under their shade canopy and was explaining to them what was going on. Only a minute and a half  had passed when I walked over to him and held out the sand scoop so he could pluck his wedding band from the bottom. Everybody present cheered in disbelief. I could see stress instantly come off of Brett’s shoulders as he placed the wedding band back on his finger. The same band that his wife Rochelle placed on his finger a few years before. Rochelle and family cheered from the balcony of the beach house as Brett held up his hand in a triumphant gesture.

Brett and Rochelle, thank you for your trust in The Ring Finders, and again for the generous reward.