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Lost Heirloom ring in Sea Bright NJ Found by Matt St.Germain aka Jersey Shore Lost Ring Finder

  • from Seaside Heights (New Jersey, United States)

On 8/7/18 I received a message from Shawna about a lost ring. She was visiting a beach in Sea Bright NJ for the day and while swimming in chest deep water during high tide she felt her late mother’s ring slip off her finger in the water. Even though i was off the next day and had some things to take care of i assured her i would go out later that night during the low tide to conduct a search for the ring. The only problem is the weather was not working in my favor. Lightning storms were coming in and i became worried i would not be able to go out that night to look for it. I was watching the lightning tracker like a hawk, Once i saw a small window of opportunity (1hr after the peak low tide) I jumped in my truck and headed out there. With not much time to search now that the tide was already starting to come back in i got there as quickly as i could. I made my way out to the area it was lost and within 15 mins i had found her lost ring! About 8″ deep at the shoreline! I sent her a picture and she came out within 30mins to meet me. I was very happy to reunite her with it! Another wonderful ending!