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Diamond Pendant Recovered from St Pete Beach Inland Canal

Allison contacted SRARC distraught over losing her vintage diamond pendant in the water near their dock. When she explained that the water was 8 to 10 feet at that area it was a concern because this is a dive hunt and not a normal detecting call out. She went on to say that the bottom was really soft and lots of silt.

After hearing her plea to please help, Tom Jones decided to give it a try but with the warning that the pendant may or may not be recovered.

Tom Jones and Joe Szemer loaded up a compressor, dive gear and detectors and headed out to the home to meet up with Allison and her family. The water at the dock was still 6 – 8 feet at low tide, so Tom hooked up his dive gear and dropped in. Within 2 minutes on the bottom Tom Noticed what looked to be a shell on the sand. When he ran his detector over it he got a signal, reached down and picked up the half dollar sized pendant. He came back up and everyone thought something was wrong until he handed the pendant to Joe. Luckily the piece was large enough to lay on top of the soft sand.

Upon getting out of the water Allison hugged Tom even though he was dripping wet, she said “I don’t care if you’re wet. Thank you so much for finding it for me.”

Great Job Ton and Joe. SRARC appreciates your taking that extra step to bring the smiles.

Pendant Tom tomjoe


Anna Marie Island Gold and Diamond Wedding Rings Lost then Recovered

David and Jennifer were down from Virginia on a mini vacation and house hunting trip. While relaxing one evening at sunset Jennifer was in the water and David tossed her a ball. The ball landed just in front of her and she plunged her hand into the water to get it. She felt her wedding set fly right off her finger. She called to David for help but just then a big wave slammed into her and moved her away from where she had lost the rings. They looked until after dark but had no luck finding them. Both David and Jennifer are Gulf war veterans and while stationed in Iraq someone had stolen her first wedding set and now losing another set was just devastating. Jennifer started searching the internet for help and soon found SRARC on the Ring Finders site. She called Tom who called Mike and we set up a meet time and search for 7:00 am the next morning. Mike went right to work when he got there and searched for about an hour and a half before hitting the target he was looking for. He flipped a “thumbs up” toward the beach and got two great big smiles in return. It was a pleasure to meet both David and Jennifer and I want to offer them a big “Thank You” for their service to our country. It gave me a great big smile to be able to serve them in a small way. I look forward to hooking up with them again after they have relocated to Florida.

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Platinum Wedding Band Recovered at Caspersen Beach

Joe, his wife, and children were visiting his wife’s family here in Florida for Spring Break. They traveled all the way from Ohio for some sunshine and had all gone to Caspersen Beach. This particular beach is well known for the millions of year old sharks teeth that can be found along the beach.

Joe was out in about waist deep water digging and sifting for shark teeth. When he returned to the beach he realized that his wedding band was missing. He rushed back into the water here he had been and dug with the shark tooth rake hoping to dig up the ring. No luck, so he returned to the beach and goggled for help. He soon found The Ring Finders and we setup a meeting for that afternoon.

Jay and Karen Ganz meet him at the location about 5:00 pm. The water was a little choppy but Karen braved it and began the hunt. She hunted for 2 hours and was battered by the waves as the west winds increased to 15 mph. After 2 hours she was exhausted but got one more target just as she was about to leave the water. She decided to dig the target and then quit. She finally got it in her scoop and walked out onto the beach without looking into the scoop. When she looked in the scoop, there it was. She pulled it out and asked Joe « Is this your ring? » He got a great big smile on his face and said « It sure is »

I believe that is recovery number 88 for the Ganz team. Congratulations on another great recovery!!!!!!!!!

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Anna Maria Island Brand New Wedding Ring Recovered

Josh and his wife Chelsea traveled to Anna Maria Island to be married on 2/19/2015. Two days after the wedding they and a few of the wedding party decided to kick back a little and spend some time at the beach. They were all having a great time laying in the sun and playing on the beach. Josh decided to go into the water and was out just deep enough to keep his head above water while doing a crab walk. He pushed his hands into the sand and as he moved forward and pulled his hands from the sand he felt his brand new wedding ring slip off. He called the group for help and they all looked and looked with no luck. Josh borrowed a rake and tried to see if he could dig it up. Still no luck. The next day he rented a metal detector and tried to find it but still had no luck. A young man noticed what Josh was doing and asked what the problem was. Josh explained what had happened and the young man replied that he could get someone to help with the recovery. He contacted Stan Flack who contacted Mike Miller. Mike was already headed toward Anna Maria Island and agreed to attempt a recovery. Mike and his son Jeffery meet Josh at the location and quickly went to work. After about half an hour Mike found the ring and returned it to an overjoyed Josh. As we walked out of the water with the ring held high the entire crowd on the beach burst into cheers and applause.

Josh of course was smiling ear to ear. We wish the best to both Josh and his bride. We hope they have a lifetime of happiness together.

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Lost Wedding Ring Returned on Siesta Key, FL

Brandon and his wife were launching a kayak off of his parent’s dock when all of a sudden his wedding ring slipped off into the water. They could see the ring sitting on top of the silt and decided to try and net it with the pool skimmer. When they dipped it in the silt was stirred up and the ring sank deeper into the muck. After the water cleared the ring was gone. They got some swim masked out and tried to relocate the ring, but no luck. Brandon’s Dad searched the internet for help and found us. Brandon called and we scheduled a search for the next morning at 9:00 am. Brandon had to go to work so we met his Mom at the site and within 1 minute we located the ring and returned it to his Mother. As you can see she was very happy!!!!.


Wedding Ring Lost In Sarasota Yard

Pete Nicolai was busy cleaning the gutters on the roof when he wiped his hand against his pants to dry it off and BINGO his wedding ring was gone!!!!!!!  He heard a ping when the ring hit the ladder below him and never caught site of where it landed. He searched for the ring in the yard and surrounding bushes but had no luck. He went home and broke the sad news to his wife and then they returned and searched with no luck. A few weeks later, Pete read an article on Yahoo about « The Ringfinders » and when he went to the web site he found Michael Miller listed as a resource for finding lost items. He contacted Mike and they made arrangements to meet at the site. Doug Brozek joined Mike in the search and within 15 minutes Doug recovered the ring and returned it to a very happy Pete.

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