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Found Man’s Yellow Gold Wedding Band, Returned, Litchfield Beach

  • from Myrtle Beach (South Carolina, United States)

I received a referral call from Jim Wren Wednesday afternoon. The lost ring was south of his location by 45 miles.  I am 20 mile closer, thus Jim’s referral. I called Mukul  to start the process of the standard questions, where, when and how. Mukul lost his ring in hip deep water about an hour before high tide earlier in the day. I told him to meet me at the beach location in a couple hours to let the tide recede some.

I met Mukul, his wife Rima and son Tanu at the beach. Tanu was concerned that mom and dad were no longer married since dad lost his ring. The family walked me out to the location. Mukul insisted the ring was in a 20 yard square area in kneed deep water, just to the south side of a set of stairs coming off the dunes. I grid searched the area, then cross grid, then cross grid again out to waist deep water. Mukul pointed more south. Expanding the area twice more with no ring, i decided to start expanding north. About 30 yards north of the original grid I got the signal I wanted to hear. I kicked the scoop of sand with my foot and out popped Mukul’s yellow gold wedding band. He had not noticed me dig the ring, so I walked over and started telling him it was nearly dark, I was wet and cold and after 2 plus hours of searching I was ready to quit. Through this whole process he is looking at the water and not at me as I am holding his ring up for him to see. He finally noticed that I was holding his precious wedding band. Mukul’s ring is back on his finger as the family travels home to Georgia. Another happy ending. Being a hero (using the term loosely) is why it is so personally rewarding doing these ring searches. ‘Til next time.