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Platinum Anniversary Ring Found And Returned Myrtle Beach SC

  • from Myrtle Beach (South Carolina, United States)

Saturday night was Deardra’s last night in town as she was winding down her vacation time in Myrtle Beach. Walking on the beach that evening she lost her 1 year anniversary ring. It was not a way to end her enjoyable time at the beach. She fretted about her loss as she returned home to North Carolina. Deardra found The Ring Finders online and reached out to me Sunday night. Explaining to me the loss of her special treasure, she told me she dropped it somewhere near the stairs of her resort. She lost it in the dry sand so tides were not involved. At one point in our conversation she mentioned reaching into her back pocket for a phone, to answer a call. She told me she had walked up to place a plastic bottle in the recycle bin. She felt certain that is where she dropped her ring.

I arrived to the beach at sunrise. I had an hour and a half window before a business meeting I had in the neighborhood. Cross gridding a 30 yard square in front of the access stairs, I had no luck. I expanded the grid twice more. While searching the area I noticed a trash can next to the stairs, but no recycle can. Thinking about her telling me about placing her bottle in the can, I began to wonder. I started looking for the recycle bin and noticed that the next resort to the south had one. With 20 minutes left in my time window I walked 200 yards to the next hotel beach access, to where the container sat. I had 15 minutes to close the deal, or I would have to return another time. About 30 feet from the recycle can I got I nice signal on my CTX 30-30. In my sand scoop the gleaming treasure stared up at me. I sent a picture of the ring to Deardra’s phone and hurried to my meeting. She texted me back in the middle of the meeting, that indeed it was her precious prized possession. The mail man returned her ring to her three days later.

Deardra, thank you for the generous donation.


Platinum Diamond Engagement Ring Found and Returned, Myrtle Beach SC.

  • from Myrtle Beach (South Carolina, United States)

Last Saturday, I was on my way back to the house after spending 2 unsuccessful hours in the surf looking for a mans lost ring. I got a phone call from Oliver asking if I was the « Ring Finder Guy ». Oliver explained that a friend of his had lost her engagement ring the previous day. Oliver, looking to rent a metal detector, had been referred to me by Joe Denton, our local Minelab distributor. I told Oliver that I was already on the road with my gear and would meet him in 15 minutes at the beach parking lot.

Oliver graciously covered my parking expenses and we headed toward the beach. Upon arriving I met Claudia and Edwin. Walking out to the area that Claudia had lost her engagement ring, she explained how she had placed it in a shirt pocket the day before. She had picked up her shirt to put it back on as they were leaving and had forgotten about her ring in the pocket. We got to the spot, in the dry sand where they were sitting yesterday and pointed out the area. I pictured a 30′ square area and went to work with my grid search. On the 5th line I got a nice low tone in the phones. Like my previous ring return it came in so low that I really felt like I was getting ready to scoop up a piece of foil. I gently used my sand scoop to dig the target. Giving the scoop a little shake revealed Claudia’s Engagement ring. I walked over to where she and Edwin were standing and held out my sand scoop for her to reach in and retrieve the prized possession. The ring that Edwin had place on her finger 2 years ago on their wedding day. The smiles tell the rest of the story.

Oliver, Claudia and Edwin, thanks for trusting the to find your lost ring. Traveling mercies back to Baltimore.



Lady’s Lovely Engagement Ring Found and Returned in Myrtle Beach

  • from Myrtle Beach (South Carolina, United States)

I started the morning off as usual checking emails and text messages on Tuesday morning. I noticed an email on my phone. Daniela reached out to me for some help locating her white gold engagement ring that she lost on Sunday. She left a phone number that was for her office in Connecticut. I left a voice mail, then sent her an email as well. That was probably a good thing as I was under the assumption that she had returned home from her vacation in Myrtle Beach. Daniela called me back shortly afterwards and explained all the incidentals to the loss of the ring. Daniela lost her ring in the shallow water near high tide. I explained with confidence that I should be able to locate this ring if it has not already been found by another metal detectorist.

I arrived at the location that afternoon around 1:30 to chase the last hour of a falling tide. When I spoke with Daniela earlier in the day, I told her to rub her left earlobe and say a prayer around 2:00. I mentally pictured the search area as 80 yards by 25 yards to the water’s edge. I ran the 80 yard grid line leaving a heavy mark in the sand with my sand scoop. I turned around to walk the 80 yards back, 5 feet from the last grid line, making sure to overlap my swing pattern. On the return path there was a lady digging a large hole in the sand to create a tidal pool for her little children. I joked with her about finding lost treasure as I passed by. I was about 10 feet past her when I got that beautiful mid tone in the earphones of the Excalibur II. Sending the scoop to the target and dumping the contents onto the beach the lady digging the hole watched intently. I kicked the sand to spread it out. As I did this lovely engagement ring jumped from the sand pile and bounce across the sand. As I picked up the engagement ring I audibly said to myself « This is why we do what we do ». The lady digging the hole in the sand asked what I meant by that. I explained to her what I was doing and why I was there. I then told her about the wonderful group called The Ring Finders and what it has done to help people all over the world be reunited with the precious treasures that they thought were gone forever. I called Daniela from the parking lot near my truck and asked if she indeed rubbed her earlobe for luck. As she told me that she had, I told her it must have worked because I had her engagement ring in my pouch. She told me that she would be right down to meet me. Again, I thought she had returned back home. It was a lovely surprise to be able to hand this ring back to her in person. As we talked, I sent her husband David a text with a picture of the ring. I told him that I just proposed to Daniela. She was excited to say the least as she stared at the ring on her shaking hand. The Ring that her husband David placed there 12 years ago. With Daniela, David and daughter Lexi’s vacation saved, I left the beach with a smile. Daniela, thank you for the opportunity to help you with this ring search, and thank you for the generous reward. I wish you and your family « Traveling Mercies » back to Connecticut.

Ladies Engagement Ring Found and Returned in Myrtle Beach, SC

  • from Myrtle Beach (South Carolina, United States)

As the saying would go « Around your behind to scratch your elbow » rings true in this ring search. I got a phone call from Jim Wren (TRF North Myrtle Beach) on Wednesday. Jim had gotten a call from Berenice, who had gotten his number from Joe Denton. Joe is a local Minelab representative. Berenice had originally called Joe to rent a metal detector. She explained to him that she had just lost her engagement ring on the beach in the dry sand. Joe had told her about Jim and The Ring Finders and gave her Jim’s number. Being that the ring was lost In Myrtle Beach Jim called me and gave me Berenice’s number.

After calling Berenice, I met her at the beach 45 minutes later. Berenice pointed out the spot where she and her fiance Austin were lounging on the sand. Earlier in the day Berenice had placed her engagement ring in Austin’s hat for safe keeping. Returning from a swim, Austin grabbed a towel and upset his hat dumping the ring into the sand. They did not realize this happened until they got back to their hotel room. I started a circle grid search from point 0 and had not made it thru 3 rotations when I got that beautiful gold tone in my Minelab CTX headphones. A careful scoop of sand and a gentle sifting revealed Berenice’s engagement ring. Smiles and hugs ensued. Austin just returned from the room to find out the good news. Berenice showed him the found treasure.

Thanks to all that helped The Ring Finders return this soon to be bride’s engagement ring. Berenice and Austin, Thanks for trusting us to find your lost treasure. Good luck in your future. This ring has started with story and a great ending.

Celestial Smiles From Above on Found Ring In Myrtle Beach, SC

  • from Myrtle Beach (South Carolina, United States)

I received a phone call, last Saturday after noon, from Patrice. She explained to me that her mother had lost her late husband’s 14kt. gold wedding band and asked for my help. Patrice explained that her mother wore the ring as an obvious reminder of the 61 years of marriage and the life they shared together. Patrice explained to me that her mother Genewood, (Gene) lost the ring from her finger a couple weeks ago, while raking pine straw in her back yard. I had a ring search with Jim Wren (TRF North Myrtle Beach) in Sunset Beach NC on Sunday. Since the ring was in the yard we set a time for later in the week and nicer weather.

I met Miss Gene and her daughter Patrice at their house Thursday afternoon. I listened to Miss Gene explain her activities the day she lost her husband Tom’s wedding band. Our search area was going to be in the back yard, down one side of the house, and across the street where she dug up and replanted a magnolia tree. Miss Gene had already un-bagged and searched thru several bags of pine straw and held one more for a search. I had them rub their left earlobes for luck as I fired up the CTX 30-30. I started near the corner of the back patio and walked along the grass next to the sidewalk that led around the house. I had walked only about 15 feet when I heard a crisp signal among some other unwanted tones. I looked down and picked up a man’s gold wedding band snuggled up next to the sidewalk. I turned and held out Tom’s wedding band. Miss Gene stared at it in disbelief as Patrice jumped up from the steps. Tears of joy began to run down Patrice’s face as she hugged her mother. Miss Gene just stared at the ring I was holding. She finally took the ring from my finger and placed it on her index finger where she had worn it since Tom’s passing in November. A few tears of relief showed under her eyes as she stared at it. I call this reaction « The Ring Dance ». I think we all felt Tom smiling from the celestial heavens. I listened a while as Miss Gene told me about a life well lived by Tom. Thank You Miss Gene and Patrice for a generous reward. 15% will be donated to the Shrine Children’s Hospital « Road Runners ». And thank you for trusting The Ring Finders to do this search.

Men’s Tungsten Wedding Band Found and Returned, Myrtle Beach, SC

  • from Myrtle Beach (South Carolina, United States)

I received a phone call referral Sunday afternoon from Jim Wren (TRF North Myrtle Beach), about a ring that was just lost in Myrtle Beach. Jim gave me the phone number to the young man, Rob, that lost his wedding band. I phoned Rob back and told him I could be there in 30 minutes.

I called Rob when I got to the location. I walked out onto the beach and was met by Rob’s wife Stefaney. She explained that Rob was up in the room and would soon be there. Stefaney was not happy when she explained the loss of the ring. Rob was throwing a Frisbee on the beach when he felt the ring leave his finger. Yes, Rob is left handed. Stefaney and Rob had the where with all to mark the spot he was standing at the time with a beach pail. I had Rob and Stefaney rub their left earlobes for luck as I set the Excalibur II to work. I worked a 20 yard square in front of the area with no luck. I returned to the starting point to then work behind the beach pail. On the first grid pass I got the tone in the phones I was looking for. Rob and Stefany were looking on from 20 yards as I removed the ring from my sand scoop and held it up for them to see. I love happy endings. The young couple were ecstatic as I handed Rob back his wedding band. Then I took it back from Rob and handed it to Stefaney for safe keeping. This week marks their first wedding anniversary. Happy Anniversary! I hope you enjoy many more. Thanks for the reward, 15% will be donated to The Children’s Shrine Hospital « Road Runners »



Humdinger! Yellow Gold Wedding and Engagement Ring Set Found and Returned. Myrtle Beach, SC.

  • from Myrtle Beach (South Carolina, United States)

I got a phone call from Anna on Monday. Anna explained that she had lost her wedding ring set on Mothers Day, eight days earlier. As it happened, Anna was putting on sunscreen while enjoying the beach with her husband Kris and their two boys for a happy Mothers Day. She took off her beautiful wedding ring and placed it in her lap while she did this. Distracted by family and fun, she forgot to place the ring back on her finger. Later, when she stood up the ring found the powder dry sand. Anna did not notice the ring missing until the next day. Calling her husband Kris and asking if the ring was in his truck she was coming to the realization of what had happened. She and Kris had returned to the beach a couple time during the week to see if they could find it. Realizing that their efforts were looking hopeless they would return home. Kris told me that Anna was moping around all week, when he decided to Google « How to find a ring in the sand ». Chris Turner and The Ring Finders do their very best to keep us on top in such online searches. My hat is off to him.

After talking with Anna, I assured her that I was confident in finding this ring. I told her that my goal was to put a smile back on her face before the end of the day. Anna was unable to meet me at the beach to help put me on the spot, so I asked a lot of questions about its location. I waited for the high tide to drop a bit and headed to the beach with my lovely bride as we call this R&R (Reading & Recoveries). She buries her head in a book and I bury my head in the sand. I texted Anna and told her I was on site and told her to rub her left earlobe for luck, as my wife and I did the same. After an hour and a half, and expanding the grid three times, I got the golden tone on my CTX 30 -30. Wow! What a beautiful ring.(Kris, you done good.) The ring was not matching the mental picture I had of Anna’s description. I thought it was another ring. I search for another half hour before texting her a picture of the ring and asking if this was it. Anna and her family were sitting down to  dinner before heading off to a school play when the  picture showed up on her phone. Anna screamed so loud that she startled every body in the room. She just kept screaming and held out her phone for everybody to see. « The Ring Dance ». She sent me an affirmative to the ring being hers. « YES!!!!!! » After a couple texts and a phone call we made arrangements to meet the next day at my sign shop and return her ring. She and Kris came by and we visited for awhile. The whole time I noticed Anna staring at the ring on her finger. I love the look of a happy person staring at something they thought was gone forever.

Anna, your ring gets to continue its story on your finger. The ring that Kris placed there 19 years ago. All the best to you and yours. And lastly, Thank You for the generous reward. 15% will be donated to the Shrine Children’s Hospital « Road Runners ».

Lost White Gold Wedding Band Found… Location, Location, Location

  • from Myrtle Beach (South Carolina, United States)

I received an email as well as a phone call from Rick. « I just lost my wedding band in the surf in Myrtle Beach ». I was finishing up with a customer of my business. I just happen to have my detector in the truck and told Rick I would be there in 30 minutes. It is always great for us when you can meet somebody on site that was affiliated with the loss. It helps so much with information and location. We don’t have to be mind readers.  Many times we are operating with phone calls, Google Earth and a persons memory. The more somebody pays attention to their surroundings at the time of the loss helps in all cases.

I met Rick and his daughter at the beach in front of their resort. We walked to the area that he lost his wedding band and Rick told me he paced it off from the Lifeguard stand. 14 paces this way, 20 paces that way and Rick announced that he was standing on his ring. Rick stared down into the knee deep water and just could not see his wedding band. The band of love that his wife Laura had placed on his finger years before. Rick was so confident that he was standing within feet of his ring. I fired up my CTX 30-30, had everybody rub their left earlobe, and began to search. Rick, and another well wisher, had become so planted in this spot that I had to ask them politely to give me some room to work. I worked a grid of 30 feet by 30 feet for 10 minutes or so and was becoming frustrated with no signal to my ears. I asked Rick how the ring came off his finger, and he explained that his back was to the water when a wave smacked him from behind.  I thought about how the ring would have traveled with the wave for several feet before settling into the sand. I moved to the water’s edge of a dropping tide and moved just a few feet to hear that beautiful Minelab gold tone. I approached Rick and held out my sand scoop to let him pluck his white gold wedding band from its bottom. « No way…  You found it »! shouted Rick and his well wishing friend. Within 30 minutes we replaced Rick’s look of worry with a huge smile. Rick placed the ring on his finger and just stared at it for a moment. (« The Ring Dance »)

As Ring Finders, we come to a search equipped with the tools of our craft. But, The first tool in the search is the information we get from the person that lost their precious belongings. When you lose something, when you can, pay attention to everything that is around you. Find landmarks, place a marker, pace off distances and try to get us within feet of your treasure. The person that lost something is the first tool in any search. Great job Rick, in putting me in the right location. All the best to you and your family. And thank you for the generous reward.