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14kt. Heirloom Yellow Gold Religious Pendant and Chain Found and Returned in Myrtle Beach

  • from Myrtle Beach (South Carolina, United States)

I received a phone call from Greg Monday night about 6:30. His son Andrew had lost a gold chain and pendant a couple hours before. Andrew was body surfing waves when he felt the necklace get stripped from his neck. I asked if the clasp broke, but Greg said it was a 24 » rope chain that Andrew could easily take off over his head. Explaining to Greg that the tide was now rising, our options were 3:00 in the morning or we could try the next afternoon at low tide. Both of us agreed with the afternoon hunt the next day. I was happy with that as I did not want to go medal detecting in waist deep water with the critters that lurk in the dark.

I caught up with Greg the next afternoon. As we walked to the beach where  many of the extended family were anxiously awaiting my arrival, he explained that the necklace was an heirloom given to Andrew by his grandfather. Poppa Tony had left this celestial plane 6 years ago and had given the medallion and chain to his 8 year old grandson who has not taken it off since. I met about 10 people of the extended family on the beach. Greg and Andrew walked me out to the area to be searched. Returning back to the family to gather my equipment, I had all of them rub their left earlobe for good luck. I headed into the water to start what was going to be a 50 yard by 30 yard grid. Waist deep back to ankle deep water. Neptune was not happy that day as rough surf continued to beat on me. Through the course of one and a half hours I watched family pacing the beach. There was a lot of pressure happening here. Through this time I watched each of them leave the beach. When I came out  to get a drink of water, Greg and Andrew’s uncle were the only two remaining. Greg asked me what I thought. I explained that they said the currents yesterday were pushing real hard to the north, so I’m going back in and expand the grid that direction. Going back into the water had me going through my own little prayer session asking for some guidance, and maybe if Poppa Tony was listening too… I started again in waist deep water moving parallel to the beach. I had walked about 25 yards when I got a banging signal in the head phones. This was the only signal I had in nearly 2 hours. Trying to hold my position in the surf was proving difficult. I missed the target on my first attempt with my sand scoop. Repositioning 90 degrees I sent the scoop back in. Pulling the scoop up to see if we had it I could see the chain dangling half in and half out of the scoop. I started to panic but realized that most of the chain and the medallion were in the scoop. Greg and his brother in law were looking on from 100 yards away as I raised my scoop in their direction and headed for dry sand.  Their world is right again and The smiles tell the rest. Albeit Neptune, God, or Poppa Tony we all won that day. I’ll enjoy the win. And, Poppa Tony’s necklace gets to continue the story with Andrew.

Greg, thank you for trusting me to do this search, and thank you for the generous reward.

White Gold Chain Found and Returned in Myrtle Beach

  • from Myrtle Beach (South Carolina, United States)

I was throwing darts with the boys Wednesday night when I got a phone call from Timothy about 8:30. Timothy explained that he had lost his white gold chain that afternoon at the edge of the high tide line. He told me that he was lamenting the loss to a pool side bartender that had remembered hearing about The Ring Finders network. After getting Timothy’s phone call I headed to the beach resort about 20 miles away.

I arrived at his oceanfront resort with my Minelab Excalibur II, a couple flashlights and my sand scoop. Timothy met me in the parking lot. I had him rub his left earlobe for luck and then we made our way to the beach. Earlier that day Timothy was getting buried in the sand. He took the necklace off and placed it on his shirt. You know the rest of the story. We arrived at the spot on the beach where Timothy was buried. I set up my machine for the search and turned it on. Just as I was about to start swinging Timothy turned on the flashlight that I had given him. Just as he did he exclaimed excitedly « Is that it ». Right in front of my coil was an exposed 2 inch section of the chain. Timothy reach down and plucked the chain, that his mother had given him, from the sand. I didn’t do a lot of work, but I will take the win. Back in the parking lot Timothy handed me a hansom reward and explained that he would have not gone back to the beach to look for the necklace in the dark. Like I said, I will take a win, any way it comes. Timothy, good luck in your future endeavors, and thanks again. ‘Til next time!