Lost Heirloom Wedding Band

  • de Grand Haven (Michigan, United States)

I received a call from Krati concerning some friends who were visiting from the Livonia area that were in desperate need of my help.  Alex & Ankita had only been married a week when Alex felt his wedding band, passed down from his grandfather, slip off his finger while in the water at Silver Lake in St. Joseph.  It was lost the night before around 9:00pm and they searched frantically for it until sunset to no avail.  After an hour and 20 minute drive the next day, I arrived at the beach just before 2:00.  It was extremely helpful that they knew the approximate spot to begin my search.  After some direction on which way to go, north or south, and sweeping my detector for just 5 minutes or so, my very first signal was Alex’s ring.  The accompanying photograph says it all.

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