Wedding Ring Lost On 3rd Anniversary

  • de Grand Haven (Michigan, United States)

I received a call Thursday from Joe who had lost his wedding ring the day before in Lake Michigan at Grand Haven State Park.  He said he was from the east side of the state and they were about to leave for home. They had been in Grand Haven celebrating their 3rd wedding anniversary where they had been married on the beach in 2016.  I asked him to photograph the beach with landmarks (benches, buoys, etc.) to give me a general idea of where to start looking (it’s a REALLY long beach).  After searching for over 2 hours the next morning, I called Joe to get clarification on the search area.  He said the ring had slipped off about 10’-20’ from the buoy, so I tried again.  After about 10 minutes I saw gold in my scoop!  I texted him a picture of the ring.  He was so happy.  I mailed his ring to him and asked him to take a picture of him with it for my Book of Smiles.

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