Beautiful Silver Ring Found on Lake MI Shoreline

  • de Grand Haven (Michigan, United States)

After completing a successful Ring Finder search for a client in Royal Oak, I was doing a little searching on my own at Grand Haven State Park.  I was approached by fellow West MI Ring Finder, Gregg Larabel.  A woman had stopped him on the beach and said she had lost a ring while walking along the shoreline between the pavilion and the pier.  He told her he’d look and that if he found it she could contact him through The Ring Finders website and he would get it back to her.  I was more than halfway to the pier at that point so I started searching the shoreline going north while he looked to the south.  About 15 minutes later I found it just a few feet from shore.  Not knowing if Greg was still on the beach, I texted him a picture of the ring and dropped it off to him the next morning to deliver to Michelle.

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  1. gregg larabel says:

    Good job Tom, we have worked well together over the years, hope to keep it up.

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