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1938 Family heirloom wedding ring recovered in Newfound Lake in Bristol, New Hampshire

  • de Hampton Beach (New Hampshire, United States)

A week ago a woman lost her mother’s 1938 wedding band. She was at the water’s edge of her brother’s lake house on Newfound Lake in Bristol New Hampshire. She was throwing a ball around with her nephew, when she realized her mother’s ring was gone. They searched for well over an hour but couldn’t find it. They had pretty much the whole family in the water looking everywhere with no success.

The problem with gold rings is that they are so heavy that they often sink nearly instantly when dropped.

She ended up having to go home to New Jersey heart broken. Her brother John was still up here however.

She finally came across the Ring Finders site and I was contacted by another Ring Finder who was not as close to location as I was. He asked if I could assist and I was happy to do so.

I arrived at the cottage this morning and went over the story of how it was lost.

I gridded off the area where she felt she lost it.

It took about 20 minutes but I ended up locating this really beautiful 14K white/yellow gold ring. John was in the house when I found it. I called in “John, can I ask you a quick question?”. He came out and I handed him the ring. I said “Does this look like the ring?”. He was amazed and very thankful. He is 76 years old and the ring was one year older than he was. Both he and his sister were very happy that their parent’s heirloom was no longer lost.

Newfound lake Recovery

Newfound lake Recovery2

Lost Class Ring from 1972 Found on Lake Winnisquam (Belmont) NH Solves a 43 year Old Mystery

  • de Hampton Beach (New Hampshire, United States)

A casual morning metal detecting in the waters of lake Winnisquam in Belmont NH helped solved a 43 year old mystery. In about 5 feet of water, I found a 1972 10K gold class ring from “Darien High School”. It also had the school’s mascot, named “The Blue Wave”. A quick google searched confirmed that it was from Darien Connecticut, a town almost 250 miles from the south.

Who lost it? When and under what circumstances?

That is what I was determined to find out.

Within minutes of finding it, I was on the phone with the Darien High School. One of the administrators answered the phone and I explained my find. She was immediately fascinated and was willing to check the old year book from 1972 for the initials that were inside the ring. She said she was going to go and do it right now because she wanted to help with the mystery as well.  I gave her my contact information in case anything turned up.

Within a couple of hours, I received a call from the sister of the ring’s owner. She confirmed with her sister that the ring was hers. She even told me exactly where it was lost.

The ring was loose on her finger. She was up at her parent’s lake cottage right around graduation night 1972 when she dove off a dock. That dock was where my own property is now. She immediately knew she lost the ring and was understandably upset at the time.

We’ve exchanged some nice emails and I am getting the ring in the mail back to her.

To make the story even better, they still vacation once year up in the area. In about a month they will be coming by to thank me in person. It will be great to meet them and hear some of the stories about our own area from 43 years ago.

File this under: mystery solved!

1972 Darien CT class ring3

1972 Derian High School. Home of “The Blue Waves”.

1972 Darien CT class ring

This is the spot where the ring was found after laying under water for 43 years.

2 Platinum wedding rings found at the beach in Seabrook New Hampshire (NH)

  • de Hampton Beach (New Hampshire, United States)

I was asked to help a understandably upset woman who had lost her rings at Seabrook beach, NH.

While I at first thought it was one ring, it was actually two. Both of them platinum with dozens of diamonds between the two of them.

She was putting on sunscreen, put the rings in her lap and forgot. As soon as she stood up, she realized what she had done. She was smart and didn’t move very far.  The second smart thing was she immediately called for assistance. Time is really critical in beach recoveries. Rings sink, random detectorists find (and keep) rings and if it is near the water line, the surf can factor into it as well.

It took me all of 15 seconds to locate one. I handed it to her.  Then I used the pin pointer to find the second one, 6 inches away.

She started crying, followed by several huge hugs.

I’ve cropped out her photo as she is a bit camera shy, especially about it being online. That is understandable. She was okay with a non-recognizable image though.

One great thing about this? My two kids were with me to witness all of this. They were impressed with how much it meant to her to get the ring back.






Lost Wedding Ring Found – Hampton New Hampshire

  • de Hampton Beach (New Hampshire, United States)

While out water metal detecting, I was approached by one of the swimmers in the area. He asked for help finding his wedding band which he lost some time in the last couple of hours. He explained the area it would be in and also the very unique inscription on it. Besides his wedding date, it also had the word “WOOF” inside. Apparently a private joke between his wife and him.

Nothing turned up that day but I told him that I periodically hit the area. We exchanged phone numbers in case it turned up.  I could tell he pretty much had given up hope but I told him I would do my best.

Fast forward 6 weeks later. I hit the general area again but was about 100 yards away from where he thought he was. Up comes a gold ring with his inscription inside. I texted him a photo of the ring and as well as one word: “Woof!”.  He texted back within 10 seconds and was calling within 20.  He lived a couple of hours away so I mailed the ring to him. He sent back a nice Visa gift card to cover the postage as well as a bit of a reward as a thank you.

This is the photo of the ring I sent to the owner. It may have taken 6 weeks to find but he was happy to get it back!

This is the photo of the ring I sent to the owner. It may have taken 6 weeks to find but he was happy to get it back!