Gold Wedding Band Lost & Found Shell Bay, Studland

  • from Bournemouth (England, United Kingdom)

Nathan, wife, children & their friends travelled many miles from Yorkshire to enjoy a week away. One day whilst visiting the shallow clear waters of Shell Bay Nathan took his paddle board off for a little venture, fell off & only later returning to his car discovered his ring was missing!

The ring was steeped with history belonging to his great grandfather in 1915 having seen 2 world wars. Its loss would be obvious to anyone. The search area was huge- potentially 6 tennis court size areas but with spring tides due I was hopeful we would have clear mud flats in which to detect. They had searched in vain using just their eyes but proved fruitless hampered by many seashells resembling little rings too!

The first attempt  one evening took 2 hours & yielded nothing bar 1940’s pennies & lead weights. However, I knew that by the mornings low tide even more area near where he fell would be exposed.  The next morning, with the lower tide as I expected, about 15 meters from where we thought it was there it lay! Visibly & almost defiantly proud of the mud it shone! I posted the ring back to Nathan the next day as they had already returned home. He was amazed to have it back & made a generous donation to the Margret Green Animal Rescue.

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