Precious Gold Wedding Band Lost & Found Studland Beach

  • de Bournemouth (England, United Kingdom)

Helen & Tom from Worcester had a splendid day out on Studland Beach recently but from Helens finger slipped her grandmothers wedding band. The ring , like many, was very precious to her & had been passed down since the 1930’s. At first we assumed it was most likely ‘out there’, somewhere in the sea after she’d gone swimming.

Preparing myself for a very long sea search, I firstly searched the beach area where they’d camped. Do the easiest area first, get it out of the way- ‘prepare for the big search’ so to speak.

I was amazed that after only 10 minutes up came the ring! We met the next day to reunite her with her ring & she was relieved & thrilled to have it back. They made a very kind donation to the Margaret Green Animal Charity as a sign of their gratitude.


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  1. Ed Garton says:

    That’s so brilliant! Well done Richard!

  2. Helen says:

    Incredible ! Words can’t convey how appreciative I am Richard.
    My gran’s wedding ring is the only thing that I have of hers and means such a lot.
    Truly an angel in a wetsuit !!!

  3. Helly says:

    Richard, what an amazing man you are! You don’t just re-unite people with their priceless treasured items, you don’t want any reward for yourself, just a donation to charity. You truly are an inspiration and make a lot of people very happy 😊.

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