Diamond ring lost in the snow Akershus Norway

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Yesterday morning I got a call from a young lady.  She told me that the night before her and two friends, had be out on the town. On their way home they had start playing in the snow. They were really having fun, but it was not that fun when she discover that she had lost her ring.

This was a ring was given to her from her aunt many years ago.  It was white gold and five diamonds attached to it. They had tried to find it themselves, but they could not find it in the snow.  Now she was really sad and desperate. They had found my contact details on my Norwegian webpage.  Could I help?

Of course I could give it a try,  it was a bit far to drive out to them, but I pack up my gear and jumped in my car.

Two hours later I met the young lady and her two friends.  We all went down to the place they had been playing in the snow the night before. Very cold but I turned on my detector and start the search. The two or three first signals turned out to be trash  and the girls started to look very sad.

A new signal, and this one sounds really nice,  I put the scoop down in the snow and up comes a really nice gold ring inside it.  I asked  the young lady to come over and to take a look in the scoop.

I’ll never  forget that smile when she saw the ring in there, and her hands was shaking when she picked up the ring… Yes she was happy!  and so was I.  What a great job this is!
For Norwegian readers, you can read the full story in Norwegian on my private blog

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  1. Mike Sloan says:

    I really enjoyed the video you and Gary did when you two were joking and laughing so much about getting into your dry suits. That is a pretty ring for a very pretty lady that you found in the snow on your home page. Nice finds in the video also.

    I was in Norway as a U.S. Marine Corps sergeant doing training with your Norwegian Home Guard and the British Royal Marines back in March of 1985. We were doing a joint operation called Northern Wedding in a town called Setermon (spelling?) which is supposedly 130 miles above the Arctic Circle. I remember it being very cold there at that time with a considerable amount of snow and frozen fjords. Other than that it is a very nice country. We were there only 22 days though and didn’t get to see much night life except for just a few nights due to our time spent mostly in the field.

    I would love to return to Norway again someday, possibly to Oslo. I have an advantage because of my travel web site which you and Gary also can use as well as anyone else. Go to http://www.travelwiththesloans.com. You will see my lovely wife Jean in the photo with me while we were in her country of the Philippine Islands. This photo was taken on the island of Cebu where Ferdinand Magellan was killed April 21, 1521. I have been to the Philippines 5 times, 2 times as a Marine in 1984 and 1989 and 3 times as a civilian in 2008 and 2009. We now reside in Ohio and hopefully will be retiring back to the Philippines to the beautiful island of Mindanao to where I am looking forward to many hours spent with my MineLab Excalibur in the surf.

    Take care and please feel free to email me at travelman724@hotmail.com and please visit the site at http://www.travelwiththesloans.com and leave a comment or two if you like. I am also a member of the ring finders site here in Ohio, 25 miles west of Cleveland in a town called Elyria which is just 7 miles from the southern shoreline of Lake Erie. Come visit if you ever make it to the U.S. We’d be glad to have you as our guest.

    Happy Hunting to both of you!


    (440) 420-9175 EST with voicemail

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