Snowball Wedding Ring Found! – Greenfield, WI

  • from Menomonee Falls (Wisconsin, United States)

Greenfield, WI resident, Jessica, couldn’t resist the temptation to toss snowballs at her friends. A late January snowstorm provided ideal conditions for joining in the excitement. Sadly, afterwards when she got into her car, her wedding ring was gone! Jessica’s heart sank to her boots. Scouring the snow failed to turn up her precious ring. That’s when she texted me.

I learned the ring had been fitting loosely and so this, combined with the cold snow, contributed to the ring coming off her hand. But it could be anywhere! I arranged to meet Jessica on location and together we walked through the scenario, doing our best to recreate the events as accurately as possible. I scanned the lawn area where she had been standing but the ring was nowhere to be found. Next, I moved to the driveway where several vehicles were parked. This presented a significant challenge because the concrete was heavily reinforced with iron. Anytime I moved the detector near the driveway it was overwhelmed by the iron signals, making it almost impossible to detect a small ring. This called for drastic measures.

Checking the closest vehicles carefully, I made sure the ring wasn’t resting on them anywhere. Then I began shoveling sections of the driveway, moving the snow onto to the lawn area previously scanned. Scraping the driveway bare, right down to the concrete, I made sure the ring was not missed. I had almost finished clearing the driveway and was checking the snow with my detector when I picked up a faint signal consistent with that of a gold wedding band. Scraping off the snow a layer at a time, the signal grew in intensity. Finally, I probed the target area with a pinpointing device and landed on what turned out to be Jessica’s beautiful wedding ring! And the smile on Jessica’s face tells the rest of the story!

So glad to have found your ring, Jessica!

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