Engagement ring lost in the sand

  • de New South Wales (Australia)

Following a successful in the surf last Thursday I was called to Dudley Beach in Newcastle on the Mid North Coast of New South Wales, Australia where Ruchika and Yannick had been searching for hours for Ruchika’s white gold and diamond engagement ring in the sand.

On arrival I saw a clearly marked square in the sand and after a short chat to get the detail of the loss I began a grid search with my Minelab Excalibur II. After only a few minutes I heard an excellent tone and marked the object with a plastic tent peg and continued to grid the marked square.

After hearing nothing more from the Excalibur I returned to the peg and drew a cross in the sand and suggested that Ruchika might like to dig there. Ruchika’s reaction in feeling her ring burried in about two inches of sand is what this gig is all about.

Ruchika and Yannick thank you for calling me and waiting so patiently for me to get to you and for having the presence of mind to mark the search area. It was a pleasure to assist you and I thank you for the generous reward you gave me.


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  1. Sean Boddie says:

    I’m somehow yet to have a ‘dry’ or ‘easy’ search like this Nick but I’m sure the feeling of deep seated pleasure in being sucessful in finding something sentimental for someone is no less! Way to go bud!

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