Lost ring insurance-- Zero cost

You can take steps to insure that your  rings or other valuable jewelry can be returned minimal effort and essentially without cost.  Many of theringfinders.com  members continually check internet sites and other listings for people listing their lost rings, etc. Unfortunately, many people don’t understand that it is our desire to return lost jewelry (or other items) to their rightful owner. Unfortunately, many people don’t understand that jewelry, including wedding rings, are located everyday in the ocean, sea or lakes by metal detectorists. Most of us would gladly attempt to return the lost item IF ONLY we had a notice of lost and/or information on the owner.  Two things would assist us in returning your lost items:

1) Have your identity or contact information inscribed on the piece of jewelry;

2) If you lose a piece of jewelry, list it on the web or various popular websites.

If you have lost a piece of jewelry anywhere, please contact theringfinders.com website for a listing of members located throughout the world.


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  1. john Volek says:

    Nice post Larry, always liked the idea of a phone number as an inscription on any piece of jewelry. I find it, you get a call, and all is good.


    1. Thanks John. I found an 18 kt gold ring on saturday with a date of marriage (?) within the past year. The ring was interesting because the date was engraved on the exterior of the ring in roman numerals. I have never seen one like that. Surely, if anyone claiming ownership they could identify the date, the type gold and the maker’s mark as well as the location of loss. Unfortunately, I cannot find any helpful info on the owner. If they had put in some kind of helpful info, I could return it to them.

  2. Charles says:

    I lost a ring yrs. ago near Neu-Ulm, Germany. Please have someone email me if they are in that area of Germany. I have details on where it was lost.

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