Lost ring in Logan Canyon: Found

Sadly, Ryleigh’s mother passed away when Ryleigh was in high school. Her mothers engagement ring, a beautiful gold solitaire with with a large diamond, was set aside for Ryleigh’s own future engagement. That day came last week, when Ryleigh and Wolf got engaged. A few days later, while on a family fishing excursion at Second Dam in Logan Canyon, the ring slipped of her finger and dropped into the water near the boardwalk. They searched for hours, scooping up mud and carefully spreading it out and searching for the ring. When that failed, they rented a metal detector and searched again. Then they found me on TheRingFinders.com. I made the two-hour drive to Cache Valley the next day, met Ryleigh, and started searching. My metal detectors are much better than the kind you can rent, and I’ve found hundreds of rings, so I know how to search in all types of areas. The water was icy, and the mud was deep. This is a popular fishing area, so I found over a dozen fish hooks, several lead weights, and other trash, but after about 30 minutes of searching, I found the ring deep in the mud! Maybe someday Ryleigh will be able to pass the ring on to her own daughter.

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