Lost ring in Arches National Park: Found

Kevin and Kristen brought their children from Vermont all the way to Southern Utah to visit Moab and the beautiful red rock country. While they were in Arches National Park, Kevin took off his 18K gold wedding band so it wouldn’t get scratched as they climbed around the famous Double Arch. Kristen held the ring, but unfortunately, it disappeared into the soft, red sand. They looked around in the sand, and some helpful onlookers helped out, too, but they couldn’t find the ring. Kristen contacted me through TheRingFinders.com, and we talked through our options. Metal detecting is against the rules in national parks, so Kristen and Kevin talked to several rangers to ask for permission for me to find the ring in the park with my metal detectors. They made several calls to several people at several locations, and they were able to get permission!

It’s more than a 3-hour drive from my home to Arches National Park. I left my home at 5:00 am this morning and met up with Kristen, and with Matt, an Arches National Park ranger who was assigned to accompany us as we looked for the ring. Matt’s job was to make sure we were careful, and to let other Park visitors understand that we were metal detecting in the Park with permission. After about 10 minutes of searching, we found the ring in the sand! Metal detecting in a national park was a unique experience for me. I’m grateful to the National Park Service and to Matt for being willing to give us permission and help to find the lost ring and save a family vacation!





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  1. Kris dit :

    Thank you so much Larry for your incredible service to us! It’s amazing how much a piece of metal can mean. You turned a sad situation into an exciting story! We enjoyed meeting you too and hearing about the metal detecting world. Your excitement for treasure hunting and helping people was evident and inspiring. Thank you to Matt and the NPS for graciously allowing us to search. It meant the world to us.

  2. Kevin dit :

    Thank you so much for finding my ring. You turned what could have been a huge black cloud over our memories of this trip into one more fun story from this epic trip. We are blown away by how far you were willing to go to help us.

    Matt and the rest of the rangers,
    Thank you so much for working with us to bring Larry in so we could recover my ring. We couldn’t have done it without you.


  3. Addison Price dit :

    We were there and heard the sad news as we were leaving double arch, so we began to help as much as we could. Larry found it as we were about 50ft ahead, so we made sure to give a big round of applause once it was found. So happy for yall and great job, Larry!

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