Lost Ring Found Eagle Mountain Lake Fort Worth, TX

  • from Fort Worth (Texas, United States)

Received a call from Anthony on Fathers Day Sunday, he had lost his gold wedding band with heirloom diamonds while throwing football in about 41/2 feet of water. We went out Monday and searched for 5 hours with no luck. Temperatures were 103. We were using a Garrett detector and a Garrett pin pointer. At 41/2 feet deep it was very difficult scanning the bottom. I was scanning with the coil and my son would go under to scan the bottom with the pinpointer while Anthony would hold him down with his foot. This was very challenging. We went back on Tuesday and searched for 7 hours. I gave up at about 6:30 and my son kept searching. At about 7:15 he found it using only the pin pointer. He must have gone under water hundreds of times in those 12 hours. Wow I couldn’t believe it and neither could Anthony. Anthony and my son were all smiles when I came down to the beach. This is one for the book of smiles for sure. Thank you Henry Jr. for your help and determination, Thank You Anthony for the experience, and Thank You for the Reward!!!


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