"Grandma's Silver"

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At 2:00PM I received a call from Kaylynn with an unusual request. Her grandmother, whom never trusted banks, had given her (8) Index Card Boxes of Silver coins, and asked her to have her grandson bury them in their backyard in case of Apocalypse!
Her grandson was young at the time, but he and his brother did as requested. Years went by and they did not remember where they were located, and grandma had passed several years ago. Two years prior, the purchased a metal detector to try and find it but with no luck, as they really didn’t know how to use it and thought it was about 3′ down.
Today, her kids had spent the day digging up a 20′ x 15′ area of the backyard where they thought it would be, and made the boundaries wide enough they should find it.  The whole day went by, they dug 2-3 feet down and still nothing. They will be selling the house soon, so needed to find it before then.
They decided to call TheRingFinders, and my friend and fellow RingFinder, Ron Wilton, was not available, so they called me.
I went out to their house and within 15 Minutes, I had a large object signal with my NOX 800, and I told them it may be something else, or may be the box, but it was fairly good sized.
Bingo!  They dug down about 10″ and there it was, just about a foot and a half outside of their boundary line!
All in all, (8) Index Card Boxes full of mostly Silver Quarters, neatly rolled up, and a box of oddball Silver Half’s dating from 30’s to 70’s and various other coins. I would say about 105 Rolls of Silver Quarters, which is 4,200 Silver Quarters with  a melt value today of $2.5589 = $10,747 in Silver!


They were so happy to have found it and wished they had called  sooner to save all that digging!
So glad I could help them recover their Silver.


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  1. Chis Turner says:

    Amazing! they are so much fun to do! Happy you got the call and was able to help!

    1. George Hicks says:

      Thanks Chris! Chalk it up to your $$ recovery total thanks to your site!
      Great feeling to help them, and glad to help them stop digging!

  2. Jeff Morgan says:

    Very cool recovery, congrats!!!

    YouTube: #SeattleRingHunter

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