How to find a lost ring (and not get bitten...)

  • de Raleigh (North Carolina, United States)

I got a call from a man who had been moving a pile of limbs and branches from one part of his property to another. He knew he had his wedding ring on when he started and he noticed it was gone when he took his gloves off. We made arrangements for me to come look for the ring; he then called me back, saying he had a friend with a metal detector and wanted the friend to give it a shot before I came out. No worries. He called back the next day to tell me that the friend hadn’t found the ring and could I please come out. Sure!

The area where he was working was mostly wooded and he was moving the branches and limbs from that area to another. I started the search at the limb pile, assuming he lost the ring while reaching down, and if so, the ring might be on the ground at the bottom of the pile. As I began moving the limbs to the side so I could get my coil down closer to the ground, I came across a decent sized copperhead, just under 3 ft or so. Using one of the limbs, I encouraged him to move along to a different part of the yard. Once he was out of the way, I was able to find and return the ring. Mission Accomplished!

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  1. Judith Otto says:

    Doug, are you the Doug Hardy that use to work for DPPaul Jewelers? We are trying to find a few friends of the past for a connect party.

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