Lost Ring Found and Returned Victoria B.C.

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Caitlin called me and asked if I would search for a ring that Carly lost at a local park.

Carly is my sister in law, Caitlin told me and she wanted to surprise Carly with the recovered ring.

She was at the park with her kids and nephew and put the ring in her pocket to apply sunscreen on them. She forgot that she had done that and it must have fallen out while playing at the playground.

She searched the day of with a couple other friends who were at the park with her and the kids. I also went with my kids the same day and looked, with no luck.

On the day I surprised her with it she had actually gone back that morning to look again while her kids played (of course, by this time you had already found it!)

It was a ring my brother had given her many years ago.

I love my job, nice to locate this ring so a caring sister-in-law could return a lost treasure

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  1. Denise Wills says:

    Don is our hero. Could have used him in Ontario. Lucky people here. Well done

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