Quick recovery at Spanish River Park

  • from Palm Beach (Florida, United States)

Got a call today from Simon.  He had just lost his platinum ring about 30 minutes earlier at Spanish River Park in Boca Raton.  He was playing catch, and when he caught the ball it knock the ring off his finger.  He was smart to take a shovel he had with him and immediately mark the spot of where he was when the ring fell off.  After a Google search he found ringfinders and got ahold of me.  I got down there in about an hour.  Spanish River is a beautiful park, and costs about $20 to park!  If you are a resident of Boca you can get a pass for like $50 a year, but I am not a resident.

I always bring multiple detectors just in case.  I grabbed my Excalibur, as it is my goto detector at the beach, because you never know if your search will lead you into the water.  When I got there, the Excel died almost immediately after turning it on, the battery was drained!  Back to the car and grabbed the CTX3030.  Fired it up, and started gridding the area.  I immediately found a penny, which I knew was not the target based on its ID, and it was like 6″ down, but I didn’t want to have it masking my target, and its always nice to pull out something when I first get to a recovery because it puts the person who lost their ring at ease…..oftentimes they are amazed that I can pinpoint a penny 6″ down and immediately pull it out.  In quick work, less than 4min, I got a nice smooth low tone……I knew it was the ring.  I went in with the pinpointer and out it popped.

Simon, a happy person, thanked me and gave me a nice reward for my time and effort.  It was a beautiful day at the beach, and a nice happy ending.  A smiling pic of Simon below with his fine specimen!

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