Day after Christmas recovery

  • de Lynnfield (Massachusetts, United States)

I was contacted by a couple who had recently been doing landscaping on a property and lost a gold women’s band with a number of diamonds somewhere on the property.  I met them both at the property and they showed me where they thought the item may have been lost.  They showed me a brush pile where they had been dumping some trimmings.  I had high hopes of finding it there as I’ve had good luck detecting brush piles in the past but unfortunately did not find the item there.  We then moved to an area in the yard where the woman was trimming some trees and I started to get some solid signals.  Unfortunately they were all a bit too deep to contain a ring that had just been lost, so we did not pursue them.  I detected a bit more around the tree and got a really clean sounding shallow signal.  I reached my pinpointer down over the target and it went off loud, indicating the item was very close to the surface.  I scraped off a thin layer of dirt and sure enough there it was.  The best part was the husband happened to be right next to me, watching as I uncovered the ring, and his wife was a few feet away looking in the brush pile.  He yelled to her “Got it!!”, and that was a wrap.  They couldn’t have been happier, and after seeing the ring more closely I can see why.


They texted me some pictures afterwards along with a nice note:


Thank you very much once again.  You totally made our day, our week, our Christmas, our entire year!!!  We cant thank you enough!!!!


Hands down my favorite recovery so far!!


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