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Cost For My Service

I work on a Reward Basis if an item is recovered. The amount is what someone feels is appropriate for locating and recovering the lost item. A call out fee is not required but offers to cover fuel/expenses are appreciated.

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Any geographical area may be searched; woods, creeks, rivers, parks, farms, lawns, etc., if proper permissions are obtained in advance. Should you be given permission by a third party, that permission must be passed to me prior to any search. I may be able to assist in obtaining access if you have difficulty. I may also work with law enforcement, attorneys, and insurance companies from time to time.

If an item is lost in snow, please make contact as soon as possible. My equipment can handle water depths to 10 feet. Special organizational details are required for deep water attempts but don’t hesitate to discuss this scenario if it applies.

My service is not limited to metal detector use for recovery. If you believe something may be lost, contact me to discuss it.

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Will search any central Pennsylvania land and/or shallow water locations.

Robert Downie's Bio

I am retired having spent 28 years in special investigations therefore I am usually available on short notice. I have 30+ years of detecting experience. If I attempt a recovery, I do not give up easily. One and one-half years on a tour of duty to Southeast Asia taught me to never quit.

Most experienced metal detector users know that a lost ring, jewelry, keys, etc., are not just lost tangible items. Attached to each is a story, that when found, continues. Returning a treasured item to someone is something we all strive for in this hobby. Reward or not. I joined The Ring Finders because I believe this network is needed. Most of us have returned items we have found. I know I have. I also know the satisfaction I feel seeing the joy when a treasured item is returned to the owner.

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  • Lost Ring Found in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. (2019)

    In September of this year, I received a telephone call from an individual asking if I thought I might locate a lost engagement and wedding band, lost in the fall of 2014.  I believe I commented that if it is still there, I will find it. Upon arrival on 9/23/19,  I was given a tour […]

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  • There are not enough good things to say about Bob... (2019)


    Words can’t adequately describe the persistence and determination Bob displayed. When we first met and discussed the possibilities of where it might be, it seemed possible if it wasnt found in the first 10-15 hours, it could be a challenging recovery. Even after 5 years, I was sure it was on the property somewhere…. as we approached Thanksgiving, we began to discuss the possibility the search would have to be delayed until spring if the ground froze. Early on, Bob provided daily updates on target areas and progress. He had defined the communication process to be via phone, he would only text if he found a ring. We exchanged many calls over the course of 2.5 months. I knew Bob was coming on the 9th. The terrain had become quite challenging and the weather was bad. At some point, I noticed there was a text message from Bob. Didnt register at the moment and I was busy, a while later I recalled the communication process guidelines he mentioned and thought I better check that… “I found a diamond ring”…

    I hadn’t really thought much about how I might inform my wife. I had resigned myself to the fact it might not be found. I decided it would just present it to her that same day. She put it on like it never left, and I’m not sure we could get it off now even with a stick of dynamite.

    There are not enough good things to say about Bob, his professionalism and determination. Truly a unique individual. While I certainly hope I don’t have to use his professional services again, what I can say, is if you find yourself in a predicament requiring these services, this is the person to call.