Paul Miederhoff

  • Land/Shallow Water Search
  • Diver/Underwater Search

Cost For My Service

My fee is based on rewards--what the service is worth to you and only what you can afford for all land searches. There is a $25 call out fee to cover my gas expense if the item isn't found. $50 call out fee for under water searches.

Search Types

My search includes any land with owners permission or water up to 30ft. In depth. I dive with hookah. I am scuba certified.

Search Locations

My search area is within a 150 mile radius of Cape Girardeau. I will travel farther, however please call to discuss this option.

Paul Miederhoff's Bio

I am a retired electro-mechanical technician who spent 5 years in the U.S. Navy. I started metal detecting in 1984 and started under water detecting in 1999.

I have done several types of successful searches: tornado victim's valuables, lost rings in and out of water, survey markers and all types of lost metal items. I use a Fisher 1280x water machine and a Teknetics T2 SE land machine.

I am always looking for places to metal detect. I love to show kids and adults how to metal detect using my 2 spare detectors. I am passionate about my hobby. One of my greatest pleasures is seeing the happy look on people's faces who are reunited with their lost valuables

Paul Miederhoff - Recent Blog Post

  • Found lost gold cross necklace at Lake Of The Ozarks Mo (2018)

    Lost gold cross necklace at Lake Of The Ozarks Mo. Deb contacted me wanting to know if I would look for a gold cross necklace. The necklace belonged to her teenage nephew and had fallen through the crack of their boat dock. I explained that I was quite certain that I would find it. We […]

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  • Lost ring in Cape Girardeau Mo. (2017)

    Dillon lost his Damascus wedding band while playing in the back yard with his dog. The next day, I showed him how to use my Garrett GTA 350 detector and I used my Teknetics T2. He actually found the ring himself in a few minutes. I have had this happen before. Searching as a team […]

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  • Lost watch in a private pond near Fairdealing and Poplar Bluff Mo (2017)

    My metal detecting friends Dale and Brian asked if I would help find a submerged watch for Preston. The watch was given to Preston 25 yrs. ago by his mother. It had fallen into his private pond about 2 yrs. ago. On arrival Dale helped me set up the diving equipment and acted as my […]

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  • Lost wedding ring in The Lake Of The Ozarks (2017)

    So, the amazing wasp sting was not the only excitement from the 4th! The final chapter was closed today – and E and I can breathe a sigh of relief. On Saturday, July 1, the day could not have started off any better, kids playing and getting along. Then Stacy Van Iten, Bob, and myself […]

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  • Lost Wedding ring in Timberline Lake Mo. (2017)

    Wedding ring lost in Lake Timberline Mo. Hi Chris, I know you must be a busy person and probably get lots of emails but I hope you take the time to read this one. I am writing you to thank you for starting “The ring finders”! Well I really can’t thank you enough! Last weekend […]

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Paul Miederhoff - Testimonials

  • Thank you Paul for getting my ring back to me! You’re a life saver! (2018)


    What a weekend I had. I was lucky enough to go to the Lake Of The Ozarks this weekend and had a blast. However I had an accident, but don’t worry it has a good ending!

    So Saturday we where out on the water and about to go tubing. I decided it would be a smart idea to remove my wedding ring (this ring is also the same ring my Grandpa Adams had used for over his 50 years of marriage). However when I removed my ring it slipped out of my hand, bounced off the boat and into the water.

    Where we were the water was roughly 8 feet deep and the bottom was deep silt. We searched for 30 minutes and couldn’t find a thing. I said we are done it’s lost. My heart sank and couldn’t figure out how I could say anything to my Grandma.

    When we got back that night I began searching the internet to see if somebody did searches at the lake for lost rings, necklaces, etc. because I knew I couldn’t have been the only one. Sure enough I came across and I gave Paul a call. I explained to him the situation and asked if he could help. He said he would leave Sunday morning and make the 4 hour drive to my location.

    He arrived Sunday evening and we game plan on what we where going to do. So Monday morning comes along and we meet up and get out on the water. We marked where we where using the gps on the phone and went to the location. We marked it and he took me back to land and said he’d call me later and let me know how it went.

    Sure enough several hours later he called and let me know he had found it. I couldn’t believe and am still in shock. Thank you Paul for getting my ring back to me! You’re a life saver! Anybody needing his services let me know!

  • You made this a very positive and memorable experience for us! (2018)


    Hi, Paul, I just wanted to thank you again for finding my nephews gold cross necklace. When it slipped between the cracks of our dock at Lake of the Ozarks, we thought it was gone forever! And with it being in 12ft of murky lake water for over a week, I was only cautiously optimistic that it could be found. But you found it in just minutes! We so appreciate your willingness to work around our schedule to meet us there on a Sunday. And, even though you had to travel round trip from a Cape Girardeau, mo, your fee was less than the local dive shop I contacted. Plus, you have metal detectors and they did not. You made this a very positive and memorable experience for us!

    I wish you the best, and you can count on us to spread the word about your great service.


  • I just wanted to thank you... (2018)

    I just wanted to thank you for recovering and returning my lost drone to me. When I lost my drone in Kincaid Lake my first thought was how I'd never see it again. I knew the drone was likely destroyed since it not only collided with the rock face, but also sank in the lake. I still hoped to dive and recover it just to be able to recover my video from the on-board SD card. unfortunately we weren't able to find it. I was super surprised when you contacted me and told me you had found it. Like I suspected, the damage to the drone was irreparable, but I was able to get my SD card back which still worked after months underwater! Thanks for finding it and for your sleuthing to locate me and return it out of the goodness of your heart!