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Cost For My Service

In most cases, I work on a reward basis. Tell me what it's worth for you to have it returned and that is our deal. Circumstance vary and a reward does not need to be a lot in some cases. Call and we can discuss your situation.

The type of search required can add significant complexity to the search. A lost item in deep water may require a prolonged dive with advanced equipment.

A call-out fee to cover some of the rolling expenses such as fuel and wear and tear is charged regardless of whether the item is found or not.

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Beaches, Parks, Lakes & Yards... Shallow water searched often do not need specialized equipment. For deep water, I have extensive dive training and will do underwater searches where safety can be maintained.

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Guelph/KW, Rockwood, Acton, areas to the north on either side of Hwy 6 including Wiarton, Owen Sound

Contact me if you are outside my area If I can't make the trip to help you, I can refer someone to you who can.

Brian Spilsbury's Bio

I made my first metal detector from plans in Popular Science in the 1960's. It used a transistor radio to generate the sound, indicating metal was near. Land searches quickly evolved into underwater locating in 1970, starting with golf balls but quickly including lost golf clubs and watches that sometimes disappeared into the water hazards after a bad shot.

Since those early days, rings, bracelets, necklaces, outboard motors and boats have been located for people.

The book is still being written on what all else can located.

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