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Cost For My Service

Reward basis + Fuel Cost

This means whatever you think it is worth for me to help you find the article you have lost.

If I don't find it then there is no reward to pay.

If I have to travel a long distance I may ask you to cover my fuel costs.

If I am using my SCUBA equipment there will be a charge.

We will discuss this before I start searching.

10% of all money received is donated to ''The Life Flight Trust''

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Beaches, Parks, Private properties, Lakes and Rivers. I am also a PADI qualified SCUBA diver.

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search ... the whole Wellington Region, Kapiti Coast, and Wairarapa. Prepared to travel further.

Al Campbell's Bio

Metal Detecting is a very rewarding pastime, but nothing matches the thrill of finding someone's precious or sentimental jewellery and being able to return it when they thought it may have been lost forever.

I have joined the RingFinders network in the hope that I can have the opportunity to do just that.

The successes already, from contacts through the RingFinders website, have been a thrill and a pleasure.

Please check out my blogs.

Al Campbell - Recent Blog Post

  • White Gold Engagement Ring Lost at Petone Beach, Wellington, New Zealand (2020)

    Jane had been playing catch in waist deep water at Petone Beach, Wellington.  She fell, touched the bottom and as she came up a wave hit her and she felt her engagement ring slip off her finger. Her partner helped her search but the ring had disappeared. I arrived the following day and her partner […]

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  • Smart watch lost in Tawa, Wellington, New Zealand (2020)

    Branden had been cutting down trees and doing a bit of landscaping when he noticed his smart watch was missing. When I arrived he showed me a large hole he had filled with compostable material and dirt and rocks.  Unfortunately it was up against a concrete wall that had metal reinforcing and so we had […]

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  • Wedding Ring Located in Bush at Wilton, Wellington, New Zealand (2017)

    Amy contacted me and told me that her wedding ring had gone out the window and fallen 3 levels into a steep bush clad bank.  She, and her husband Antonio, spent several hours searching for it without successs. When I arrived the job looked daunting so I got Amy to drop a test ring (with […]

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  • Wedding Ring located in garden in Ngaio, New Zealand (2016)

    Pavla was gardening at a client’s property when she noticed her wedding ring was missing. She spent some time searching for the ring, without success, before contacting me. It was only a small garden area to search but it was made difficult with small shrubs that held the coil 4 or 5 inches off the […]

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  • Wedding Ring lost for 6 months (2014)

    About six months ago Kimberly and her husband had a bit of an argument and he threw his wedding ring across the street and into a thick hedge of trees on the front boundary.  They made up the next day and searched for the ring but were unable to find it.  It was soon forgotten […]

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