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Lost Gold and Platinum Wedding Band recovered in Calgary, AB

  • from Calgary (Alberta, Canada)

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I received a call from Armin he had been searching for his lost Gold and Platinum wedding band that had come off his finger while bringing the trash can from the curb to the house 2 days prior.  Unfortunately, there had been a hefty snowfall that swallowed up the ring immediately, leaving no trace of where it had gone.  I agreed to meet him at his home at 6 pm he walked me around the property and even showed me the two most likely areas to search.
I gridded out the area and started my search pattern, on the first pass nothing but scrap and a ball of aluminum foil, but then close to the neighbours’ house there was a patch of snow that was too deep for my detector to penetrate to the bottom so the snow had to be spread out.  Armin got to work with a rake and within a minute of scanning with my, metal detector Armin had his beautiful wedding band back on his finger.  Another smile returned thanks to   Thanks for the generous reward Armin.