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Purity Ring lost, Found and Returned on Anna Maria Island, Florida

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Purity Ring Lost, Found and Returned on Anna Maria Island

A Leadership conference group from the G5 Church in Davenport, Florida came down to Anna Maria Island for a day of rest and relaxation. Some of the young people were playing soccer in the warm sand when BreAnn fell down. When she got up, her hands were all covered with sand. (You know how it is when you have suntan lotion on and dip your hands into sand) She pulled her Purity ring off so she could get the sand out from under it and immediately dropped it into the sand. It of course disappeared. They all looked and looked with no luck. They started to sift the whole area with play plastic sand strainers and another member of the group went in search of a metal detector. He found a detector but they were not successful in finding the ring. Finally because the day was coming to an end and they needed to return to the Orlando area, Josana started looking on the internet for help. She found SRARC on the Ring Finders and contacted Tom Jones. Tom contacted Mike Miller and Mike headed down to the Island right away. When he arrived they showed him the area they had sifted (only about 6 sq. ft.) and he got ready to hunt. Two swings later he got the gold tone, leaned over and picked up the ring. It was in the pile of sand that they had sifted and one of the sifters was actually sitting on top of it.

BreAnn was overjoyed and the others were in shock that it was found so fast. They were all smiling and excited that BreAnn had her ring back. We had a round of hugs and then they were on their way home. I think they must have had a very happy ride home. It is always a pleasure for us at SRARC to be able to return special items to their owner.

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Engagement Ring Recovered at Lido Beach, Sarasota

Andrew and Danielle were recently engaged and were spending a day at the beach to relax and just spend time together. They had been enjoying the sun and decided to play a little in the water. Andrew grabbed a ball and headed out onto the water and Danielle quickly followed. As she ran into the water Andrew tossed her the ball. Danielle leaped to catch the ball and felt her beautiful engagement ring fly off of her finger. They couldn’t believe it was gone. Andrew had saved for 5 years so he could get just the right ring. They borrowed swim goggles and recruited others with swim goggles to help search for the ring but they couldn’t find it. Andrew started to look for metal detectors on his smart phone. The Ring Finders popped up with a recent recovery made by SRARC. He contacted us and because they were there at the beach waiting Mike Miller made a quick response request and then headed for the location. After arriving and getting the exact search area narrowed down, Mike went to work. It took about 15 minutes to find the ring and return it to a disbelieving Danielle. What fun it was to see the big grins on their faces when they had the ring back on Danielle’s finger.

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