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Lost Keys in Grass at Local Park .. San Clemente, CA. .. Found after Three Days

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)


Rick, a detectorist friend of mine called me with a referral to help Joan find a set keys lost three days ago. When I talked to Joan on the phone it seemed like too much time had passed to locate the set of keys that had to be laying on the surface. It’s not possible to make that judgement without taking a look and discussing the details. One of my mottos is ” I will try anywhere “, so I met Joan at the park in the afternoon.
Three days before she had been walking her dog when she lost her car ($275 replacement value). She remembered where she had last seen it and when she realized it was missing. After trying to rake the grass and methodically walking the area for two days. She called asking for help.
We walked the area before I set up my detector to start a grid search. I purposely started a search outside the area she had raked and searched. I covered almost 50 x 75 yard area with no success.
When Joan returned I gave her the bad news. I showed her the exact area where the key could not be. We discussed options she could try to locate the keys as we walked back through an area 50 yards from where she thought she lost the keys. Then she lets out a scream of joy! There they are, laying right on top of the grass.. Anybody could have seen them if they passed within 20 feet.. It was great to be able to help Joan find her keys, but it shows how you have to stay positive and think outside the box.. Joan gave me the credit for helping her find her lost item.


Engagement Proposal Gone Wrong .. Ring Lost in Surf .. Huntington Dogbeach, CA.

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)

imageimage                   Matt and Tiffany were walking the beach at low tide watching the sunset. Matt had intentions of proposing to Tiffany by presenting her with a engagement ring. It is a very flat beach and they were well away from the waterline. Matt came up with an idea to put the ring under a shell, so when Tiffany picked it up, she would find the ring. Even though they were away from the waterline, a small surging wave came up washing over the shell and the ring. The ring immediately disappeared. As soon as the sand gets saturated it is actually like quick sand, the ring sinks out of sight. Most times it doesn’t go very deep at least for the first few days. They spent a couple hours searching frantically as the tide was coming in and darkness overtook them. After returning home, Matt went online to research buying or renting a metal detector. That is where he found locating my contact information. We met for a few minutes the next day at the next low tide. After hearing a detailed story and checking the past tides, I set up my grid pattern.. Matt was very positive about the location of the loss. My concern was the size of the setting may help the waves move the ring great distances. After 4 hours with no success I had to abandon the search till the next low tide.. The next afternoon I started 3 hours before low tide working an area south of the yesterday’s search. Then reworking the original location finding very few targets. Exhausted with the tide coming in, I was making plans for the next day’s search. My plan was to return with my Excalibur detector and search waist deep at the next low tide. It was dark, so just before leaving I went 100 yards. north swinging randomly. That’s when I got the sweet sound of gold.. Five or six inches down I scooped the beautiful white gold diamond ring.. I sent a photo of the ring in my hand to Matt in a text.. He said he almost dropped his phone when he saw the picture. We met the next morning at Starbucks. Tiffany and Matt came together . I had put the ring in a jewelers ring box with a sea shell. I gave it to Matt and he gave it to Tiffany.. This was the first time she had seen the ring other than a photo.. What a beautiful day, I will never forget.. Thanks to Matt and Tiffany for sharing the special moment with them.. I love my service.. Ring Lost Thurs. 10-27-15  — Ring Found Sat. 10-30-15   —  Using Minelab CTX3030 metal detector imageimage

White Gold and Diamond Engagement Ring Found .. Malibu, CA.

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)

Pt. Dume State Beach, Malibu, CA. #2      ….  Saturday   April 4, 2015

I was at Pt. Dume State Beach on a ring search for Rachel. While waiting for people to leave the towel line search area. A lady walked up to me asking if she could use my services. This is what I call ” A Walk Up.” Her friend Joselyn had dropped her wedding ring set in the sand while putting on sunscreen. She was standing up when she dropped the two rings. ( less than 4 ft. ) The two ladies and their husbands searched for over two hours with their fingers finding only the smaller wedding band. They were amazed that the ring evaded their attempts to find it with their fingers in such a small area of sand.
Joselyn’s husband took off with the car to go into town trying to purchase a metal detector.
I walked over to the location in the sand near the parking lot. There was so much electrical noise interference I started to panic. I just thought I would listen to all those false signals hoping that my Minelab CTX 3030 could give me a solid signal. I got a good different sound and put my scoop into the sand. Up popped the beautiful engagement ring. Smiles and hugs made it a special occasion for all. Joselyn allowed me to set the ring back in the sand to take a photo, but she said she was afraid that it might get lost in the sand again. Her friend was glad they found the ring because she had to get to the airport for her flight back to England.
I went back to wait for people to leave so I could finish searching for the other lady’s engagement ring.


Lost Keys .. Newport Beach, CA. .. Found in the sand

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)

Saturday,  March 15, 2014

It has been a while sense I recieved a call to find a lost item. The weather has been beautiful in So. Calif. I’m sure that people have  a need for our service but  people are still learning about The RingFinders.

This morning I recieved a call from Glen. He had found me through a Google link that showed up when he tried to find a metal detector for rent. His nephews Mark and Mat were visiting from Germany and Glen had lent them his car.  They went to Newport Beach Friday evening to look at the waves while watching the sunset. When they returned to the car the keys were not in Mark’s back pocket.  It was dark making it difficult to find the keys.  These were the only set of keys. The car had to be towed home and they were looking at possibly paying as much as $300 to have a new set made.

I  live only 4 miles away so I was able to meet Uncle Glen  Saturday about 11:30 am at the general location. Mark and Mat would not be able to  get to our location till after 1:00pm. I decided to search the towel line before too many people took over the search area. After the nephews arrived I asked them if they had been doing any activities that would cause them to lose the keys. They had only walked 200 yards  from their parking lot to the top of the dry sand ( which is know as the towel line ).  We all walked to the area they believed they were sitting.  I could see where I had already searched and I had only 15 or 20 feet from this spot.  Within 3 minutes we had the keys. It does help to have good directions. I still enjoyed the hunt.  Everybody was so happy and they will be able to enjoy their vacation.  I was happy that the keys were not dropped in that 200 yard walk from the car to the place they were sitting. It was a pleasure to help these guys and the people on the beach were also very co-operative.