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Lost for 4 Weeks, Found Men’s Gold Wedding Band Returned, Litchfield Beach

  • from Myrtle Beach (South Carolina, United States)

I received an email from Martha, on July 28th, explaining that her husband had lost his wedding band in the sand 4 weeks earlier. Martha was not looking for me to search for this ring, rather if anybody contacted me about a found ring she would offer a reward. I returned Martha’s email and explained that the likelihood of somebody contacting me in that scenario would be very slim. I told Martha that I was going metal detecting that weekend anyway and that I could give it a try where he lost it. I asked Martha for all the particulars they could remember and to email me back. Martha’s husband Brad was wearing his wedding band on his little finger as it no longer fit his ring finger. Because the ring was fitting a bit loose, Brad lost it in the dry sand while putting up a shade canopy on the beach. Brad had the where with all to stop and take note of all of his surroundings. When Martha gave me all the details, I felt like I would be searching about a 40′ square area in the sand.

I arrived at the beach at low tide with my Minelab Excalibur. I was trying to avoid rain showers as I watched the weather on my phone. Avoiding the rain was not going to be possible. I’ve been wet before, let’s do this. I walked to the area of the beach that Martha and Brad had explained to me. Pacing off the number of steps from a stairway, I pictured a 50′ square and started my grid in the sand. On the 8th grid line I got a nice tone in the earphones. I started to send the sand scoop to the target when I visually saw the top of the ring starring at me as the rain had washed some of the sand away. Mission accomplished! I thought about doing a little more detecting, but was tired of being wet I moved to the truck. When I got back to my computer an hour later I sent Martha an email giving her the good news, and asked her to call me. I answered the phone a few minutes later and could tell by the excited voice on the other end that it was her. Getting her mailing information straight, I told her that Brad’s ring would be on it’s way home. Brad’s wedding band could continue it’s story that started 28 years ago.

Martha and Brad, thank you for trusting me to do this ring search, and for the nice reward. Brad, get that ring resized!