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Gold Wedding Ring Lost in Yard – Found – by Del Witters

  • from Hood River (Oregon, United States)

Started with an email and my immediate phone reply. Tom had lost his ring about a week ago while either spreading chips or digging a few holes in his front yard. He attempted to find it with a rented metal detector with no luck. He cited a faulty detector or his lack of knowledge, maybe a little of both, which is a very common report from my clients; hire an experienced metal detector specialist – less headaches and time involved. I met Tom a few days later at his home and saw a huge pile of chips in the driveway and about a 2-3″ layer on the 25’x25′ yard.  Thankfully the pile of chips were dumped, not shoveled there by him, so I could skip the middle of pile and focus on the perimeter and the spread chips. Looked like my easiest search to date, and fortunately it was… 20 minutes after starting the search we were shaking hands with his found ring back on his finger.

As a newlywed he was very happy to have it back and plans to get it resized soon! Thank you Tom for the call and I was very pleased to help.

Footnote: Fox12 of Portland caught it all on tape… more to follow.

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