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Gold Ring Lost on Hillsboro Golf Course – Found! – The Ring Finders Portland

  • from Hood River (Oregon, United States)

Dennis lost his gold wedding band after finishing a round of golf. His normal routine was to attach the ring to his watch and place them both in his bag. On the fringe of the 18th green he removed both, needed to move, but didn’t recall the details of the loss just that he was in a few locations around the green when he noticed the ring was gone. He looked for it visually a few times, alerted the clubhouse, and posted a 3-round golf reward. Forward to our meeting 3 weeks later… Dennis described me as his last hope! I brought 2 of 7 detectors I own, chose the one I felt would be best for the task, and a few minutes later I uncovered Dennis’ wedding band entangled in the short grass. Excitement… handshakes, high fives, hugs, laughter and shock… have I mentioned I love providing this service for folks!

If you purposely drop a ring on the fringe of a green, even step on it, it’s right there in plain sight, but it’s odd how they can also disappear – Call a member of The Ring Finders to find that special memento that you think you should see but don’t.

Thank you for the call Dennis and please share your shock and joy with others.

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