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Lost Diamond Wedding Ring Recovered on Stinson Beach, CA 94970 in the Golden Gate National Recreation Area

  • from Portland (Oregon, United States)

Sahil had lost a little weight, and when he reached over to his beach bag to find something, his wedding ring dropped off his finger and went straight down into the sand. Even though he saw exactly where his ring landed, he and his wife, and his two kids searched for hours, with no luck. Demoralized, he left his contact information with the lifeguard and went home, ringless after 10 happy years of marriage.

Sahil and his family make frequent trips to Stinson, to escape the hot inland Summer temps. This was a typical outing. It wasn’t until a week later that Sahil contacted me on a Friday night, seeking my help.

We met on beach at 8AM the next morning. After triangulating from several landmarks, Sahil drew a rectangle in the sand suggesting the best area to start the search.

Sahil had already gotten approval to search for his ring here on the south end of Stinson Beach, as metal detecting in this part of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area is prohibited by federal law. This became abundantly clear as I worked my first 30′ x 30′ grid pattern and came up with lots of coins, pull tabs and bottle caps. The area had not been searched in several years.

The first grid search was a bust, the second grid search was a bust. I went back and did a 90 degree grid search on the first plot and found Sahil’s ring near the end. Always double grid search!

Sahil was completely amazed to have his ring back. He couldn’t believe it!

Recovered! A wedding gift from his wife ten years ago.

Other stuff I found: (not including the real bad trash):

Metal detecting on the beach always attracts kids. These girls were very interested, especially the little one, who loved to help dig. Her big sister remembered losing a coin about a month ago at the same beach. She said the coin had a « $ » sign on it. She took me to the path where she last remembered having it. Expecting to find a US President or Susan B. Anthony dollar, within a few minutes we recovered her $1Peso Mexican coin. She vowed on the spot, that she would own her own metal detector some day.

Lots of fun helping the kids!

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