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Family Heirlooms lost in tragic house fire Recovered by Matt St.Germain Jersey Shore Lost Ring Finder

  • from Seaside Heights (New Jersey, United States)
Recovery #19 for 2021 and the biggest recovery I have ever been a part of.
Back in May I was contacted by fellow Ring Finder John Favano about assisting with a search for many family heirlooms that were lost during a tragic house fire in NJ. After many months of the homeowners waiting to get approvals and permits to begin work on the homesite we were finally able to access the site and begin searching. Together along with the family and demo crew, We were able to recover quite a few very valuable items over the course of a few days so far and possibly more to come. Despite the tragic loss of their home, The family are all safe and now have some added comfort that their heirlooms are not lost forever…

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