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Lost Gold Ring in Thick Ivy Landscaping – Found by Del Witters

  • from Hood River (Oregon, United States)

Yesterday, while thinning the ivy landscaping, Debbie lost her matching gold band that was special made for her and Tom. She saw it come off as she tossed some cuts over the hedge but was unsure if the ring cleared the top.  Unable to find it, Tom contacted me and explained the details over the phone. I grabbed 2 of my detectors for the task and was out the door. Upon seeing the retaining wall, ivy, and hedge I knew it could be a very long day but I’m always up for the challenge. I used a 4″x7″ coil on my Makro Gold Racer and poked it in and around the ivy and hedge until I got a sweet tone in my headset. I stepped over a decorative metal fence and off the wall into the ivy where I used my pinpointer to move several inches of debris until I caught the glimmer of gold, Bingo, Debbie’s matching band. Tom considered buying a metal detector, « The Ring Finders » gave him the best option to locate Debbie’s irreplaceable ring.

What a great day, another ring search that ended with smiles all-around! Debbie and Tom, thank you for the opportunity to find and return such a special ring.

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