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Wedding Ring lost and Returned On Siesta Key Beach, Florida

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Wedding Ring Returned On Siesta Key Beach, Florida

Bobby and family came down to Siesta Key Beach from Brooklyn, NY for a warm spring break. They were out on the beach in front of their condo taking in the sun when Bobby and his daughter started tossing a ball around  as he was backing into the water. As he tossed the ball one more time, off came his wedding ring. The whole family searched but there was no finding the ring. Bobby searched on the internet and SRARC popped up. He contacted Tom and we scheduled a hunt for the next morning. Paul Hill, Wayne Cree, and Mike Miller showed up to meet Bobby at 9:00 the next morning. Bobby filled them in on where they had been tossing the ball and how deep he thought he was. In about 10 minutes, Paul found the ring. Bobby was very excited to have his ring back and commented that they would now be able to enjoy the rest of their holiday and the trip home. We enjoyed the big smile on his face and couldn’t be happier that we could give him his ring back. Great job guy’s!!!!!!!

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Blind Pass Beach Wedding Band Recovery

Andy and his wife and two children were down at Blind Pass Beach on Manasota key enjoying a Sunday on the gulf. Andy was snorkeling along the shore line looking for shells and sharks teeth. He noticed his ring on the hand he was digging through sand with and thought to himself “I should take that off before I lose it”. Then the thought promptly left his mind. A little later he was out of the water getting a drink from the cooler and noticed that his ring was gone. He and his wife looked everywhere and he even put his goggle’s back on and scoured the gulf floor where he had been. The ring was not to be found.

About a week later Andy was looking to rent a metal detector so he could try and find his ring. In the process he found SRARC on the Ring Finders site. He gave Mike Miller a call and explained what had happened. Mike setup a meet time for the next morning and put an email out to the team. Andy, Mike, Ed Osmar met at the site at 7:00 am. Andy gave us the particulars on where he thought he had lost the ring and we went to work. After about ½ an hour of focusing on the area that Andy thought he had lost it in, we started to spread out with Ed moving up onto the shore and Mike moving a little deeper. A little while later Bingo!!! Ed hit a target and it was the ring. When Ed showed Andy where he had found it Andy said it was right where the cooler had been sitting. It must have fallen off when he was getting a drink. Well it is all history now. Andy was overjoyed and he said his wife was going to very happy. Ed and I sent him away with a big smile on his face and I gave a big high five to Ed for a job well done.

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Sarasota Horse Ranch Golden Good Luck Recovery

Ann was working out on her horse ranch all day and when she finally got to go in for supper she noticed one of her wedding rings was missing. She has out lived two husbands and always wears both of her wedding rings to honor each of them. The missing ring was a horseshoe with diamonds in the shoe. She thought about were she had been and retraced all of her steps but could not find the ring. The next day she mentioned that she had lost one of her cherished rings to a neighbor. The neighbor did a Goggle search and found us at the Ring Finders site. She contacted Mike and he set up a hunt for Monday morning. The only other hunter that could make it was Rick. They met at 10:00 am and Ann explained that it must be in one of two locations. There was a small hay barn where she had fallen while loading hay for the horses and then the manure pile from where she had cleaned out the stalls. The barn was too small for two hunters so Rick took the hay barn and I started searching the path to the manure pile. I was in no big hurry to get to the manure pile so I took my time searching the trail. Before I got half way to the manure Rick came around the corner holding up a ring and yelling  » Does the ring look like this ». Ann yelled out « Oh Yes Yes!!!!! » From there on it was nothing but big smiles, High Five’s and Hugs. What a great day.

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