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Man’s Gold Wedding Band Returned In Myrtle Beach, SC

  • from Myrtle Beach (South Carolina, United States)

I picked up my phone Thursday morning to see a missed call. I listened to a message left by Debbie explaining that her husband Gary lost his yellow gold wedding band on the beach during a walk the day before. I phoned her back to get the particulars and the location.

I met Debbie and Gary at their condo in Myrtle Beach later that day. As we walked to the beach I listened to Gary explain that while walking on the beach he felt his wedding band slip from his finger. He told Deb what just happened. As they searched the powder dry sand in the area they were coming to the conclusion that it was becoming an impossible task. They were both heart sick that the wedding band that had been on Gary’s finger for 34 plus years was possibly gone forever. I assured both of them that if the ring had not been picked up by another metal detectorist we should find the wedding band in short order. we all rubbed our left earlobe for Ring God luck and I set to work with my trusted CTX 30-30. Working thru the 10 yard by 30 yard area I was not getting any signals. I started working a circle around the original area. On the second pass around the grid I heard what we were looking for. I didn’t think the numbers were that good, but sent the sand scoop to the target anyway. Behold! Gary’s ring shown bright in the bottom of the scoop. I removed the gold prize and asked them if they had really rubbed their earlobes for luck. While I was holding Gary’s band up for them to see they were too busy assuring me that they did, not noticing that I had the ring. Then it happened, « The Ring Dance » of tears, hugs, laughter and sighs of relief. We talked on the way back to their home. I was told about the 34 plus years and the meaning of that wedding band to both of them. Years of raising children, nursing, a military career, and time spent as a Sky Marshal after 9/11. That wedding band had years of story attached to it. I’m glad I could help continue that story.

Gary And Deb Thank You for the generous reward, and the opportunity to meet two great people.