Cell Phone Found

  • from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)

Tuesday night I received a call from Travis. He lost a cellphone. He was driving in a very bad snowstorm and ended up in the ditch after a large truck completely blinded him (white out). Someone pulled over and helped Travis. Travis suspected the phone dropped out of his pocket while hooking up chains/cables, he spent a lot of time looking for the phone. We tentatively    made a date for Sunday not to have him miss work. I took a drive out this afternoon as the forecast is for freezing rain and I searched the site with the directions given. I got started and soon sounded a signal and started digging. I needed a plastic shovel as the snow was packed and drifted and we got it. I had the pleasure of meeting Travis`s mom and have never seen a mom so excited to collect the phone found. All in all a good day. I would love to see the look on Travis`s face when he gets his phone (Travis was working and could not be there) Found the phone with Gold Monster 1000 and pinpointer.

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